Word Nerds 2.10


Word: Stridor

Source: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, page 36

“The alligator’s stridor increased”

Definition: a harsh or grating sound.

In my words: the weird kid making a screeching sound



Word Nerds 2.9


Word: Thanatophobia

Source: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, page 49

“After that experience, my dad was diagnosed with thanatophobia”

Definition: the fear of death

In My Words: me telling Mr. Mott I lost my music


Word Nerd 2.8


Word: Hinder

Source: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, page 14

“Rolling your ankle really hinders your ability to run”

Definition: create difficulties for (someone or something), resulting in delay or obstruction.

In my words: my attention span



Word Nerds 2.7


Word: forswear

Source: It’s Trevor Noah:Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah page 281

“I agreed to forswear about the car.”

Definition: agree to give up or do without (something)

In my words: swear off

The Book Thief Movie Review


This movie was terrible and I hate it. There is nothing good about the film except Rudy. Rudy carried the movie. Rudy was the only good character. The rest were and are terrible actors.

The movie did everything poorly. Everything moves fast in the film. It went from Liesel meeting Rudy, to Liesel writing letters to her mom. And Max, he isn’t a fist fighter in the film. And all the characters are not what I expected. Hans seems old, Rosa seems too tall. I thought she would be shorter. I thought “wardrobe” meant short and fat. Not tall and skinny like Hans.

There are barely any ways the film is like the book. Rudy’s personality, Hans and Liesel’s relation ship, Max being a Jew, Death narrates the film, etc. But the negatives still outweigh the positives by a lot. I could make a better movie. Even if it was worse, I’d still get mostly everything right about the film.

There are too many ways the film is not like the movie. Literally everything but the things I just said.

What I thought overall, I thought it was very inaccurate and they should get rid of it or remake it because it is utter garbage.

How I Survive Hard Things


I’ve never had a bad bad thing happen to me. I’ve not been beaten, I’ve not been raped, and I’ve not lost my family because we’re Jewish. No. The worst thing that’s ever happened to me is when a seagull attacked my sister’s head because it thought my sister’s hair was a nest. I’m not saying nothing bad will ever happen to me. I’m just saying I have nothing to write about because my life is uneventful. Except maybe I could write about the time I got stuck in a mall. It was the scariest experience of my life. You’ve probably been lost at Disney world or somewhere bigger and been scarred. Now, we can just call our mom and dad and tell them where we are and they can come find us. But this was before. The key is to be calm. You probably feel like breaking down. I know, it just gets so hard sometimes, be calm. That’s from a song. It’s right though you feel like melting  but just be calm and think about how you’re gonna get through this.

Book Review 2.1


What I read: This term I have decided to read It’s Trevor Noah:Born a Crime By Trevor Noah. It’s a Biography with 294 pages. I give this book 4 stars.

How It Starts: It starts by talking about Trevor Noah as a young kid and what his status was. Trevor just wants a nice life growing up in South Africa during a super difficult time. Or just… Money. Yeah, probably money.

How it gets Complicated: Trevor was born during Apartheid which was a bunch of super strict laws about segregation in South through West Africa. Which means a Black could not court a White. Trevor had a White dad and a Black mom making him mixed. This was a problem because Trevor’s dad could not see Trevor a lot because of these laws. They split due to the pressure these laws put on their relationship. These laws were so bad that Trevor’s dad could not see him when he was born in the hospital.

What I liked: I liked how he talks a lot about his childhood. He talks about his Mom’s boyfriends and living with them. He talks so much about his childhood that you question if there even is a story. If there even is interesting parts.


What I disliked: I disliked how much off topic topics there are. It takes up so many pages.

Recommendation: If you watch the show Trevor Noah hosts, I think you’d like it.

Word Nerds 2.6


Word: Malaise

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, Page 277

“I was feeling Malaise, something I’ve never felt before. This was a weird feeling.”

Definition: a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

In my words: Me when I feel a tiny rain drop hit my skin

Power of Words 2


Words. Words are cool. I need 100 words. Words are very important for lots of reasons. You need them to talk, you need 100 to finish this prompt. We all use words. Words can inspire, hurt, and make us laugh. Unless you try too hard. Words have so much power, that they can even kill. I’ve said that already but it’s true. Words kill. Did you see what happened to the Jews? They were wiped out by Hitler’s words. Hitler’s favorite weapon is his mouth. He killed so many with words its something the world has never seen before.

A Little Light in the Darkness


I think The Book Thief was a great book despite all the swearing and the sadness. The swearing adds realism to the book, a nice touch. What did we expect? Them to be singing I am a Child of God? No. There is always a light in something or someone, even if you can’t see it, it’s there. The Book Thief was worth all of the darkness because of the result: a light, a spark, satisfaction. The positive outweighs the negative by a lot. Most of the darkness, or, all of it, goes to the movie. Are we gonna think of The Book Thief as a cry fest? Why not find some positive things about the book?