Deep Thinker 2


I forgot the sentence word for word but i’ll just explain what happened.
Scat by Carl Hiaasen: Nicks dad was a National Guard and came home early because he was severely hurt. He was on his way to a town in Iraq, when a missile was shot at the jeep Nick’s dad was in, blowing off his arm and infecting him. Nick at the time, was investigating why his teacher wasn’t showing up for school. I chose this because I thought it was good for a deep thinker. This made think: Anything is inevitable. My dad could get in a car accident and lose both his arms or legs. Nick’s dad got lucky he got to come home and be with his family. It made realize how lucky I am to have a dad that isn’t across the world fighting. I’m grateful for him. Even though he hustles me about my grades a lot, I still love him.

Deep Thinker


Flush: by Carl Hiaasen; I forgot the page number.

“There it was: Mom’s suitcase. This meant mom was really serious about leaving dad!”
After Noah’s dad was arrested, Noah’s mom was thinking about divorce or leaving and never coming back. I chose this sentence because, it was the only thing “deep thinker material” and it made me feel like divorce is not fun. It made me think: Gosh, that’s awful! I hope I’ll never be a parent that always get’s arrested for sinking boats and getting speeding tickets and getting detained. Because my wife might mention divorce and leave me and take the kids. I like it because, I can look back on this book when I’m an adult and treat my family with love and fairness. And to never break the law because it may affect my family just like in Flush.