Word Nerds 2.10


Word: Stridor

Source: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, page 36

“The alligator’s stridor increased”

Definition: a harsh or grating sound.

In my words: the weird kid making a screeching sound



Word Nerds 2.9


Word: Thanatophobia

Source: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, page 49

“After that experience, my dad was diagnosed with thanatophobia”

Definition: the fear of death

In My Words: me telling Mr. Mott I lost my music


Word Nerds 2.7


Word: forswear

Source: It’s Trevor Noah:Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah page 281

“I agreed to forswear about the car.”

Definition: agree to give up or do without (something)

In my words: swear off

Word Nerds 2.6


Word: Malaise

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, Page 277

“I was feeling Malaise, something I’ve never felt before. This was a weird feeling.”

Definition: a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

In my words: Me when I feel a tiny rain drop hit my skin

Word Nerds 2.4


Word: Asphyxiate

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, Page 77

Author: Trevor Noah

“If you were a Zulu, the Xhosa would have no mercy and would Asphyxiate you”

Definition: kill (someone) by depriving them of air.

In my words: choke someone


Word Nerds 2.2


Word: Acrimony
From: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

“The Xhosa would use this term acrimoniously
Definition: a rough and bitter manner
In my words: ungrateful spoiled children talking back to their mom because they couldn’t buy a video game.

Word Nerds 2.1


Word: Sparingly

Source: It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime By Trevor Noah on page 47
“I ate my veggie sparingly as a kid.”
Definition: in a restricted or infrequent manner; in small quantities.
In my words: eating less junk food

Word nerd 5


Word: Rambunctious
Found in Squirm by carl hiaasen, page 233
“Billy, you’re just a rambunctious little boy. There is no way you’re gonna get there by yourself.
definition: uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous
in my words: eight year old’s that play GTA 5

Word Nerd 4


Word: Sententious
Found: Squirm by Carl Hiaasen, page 144. “‘Billy…. that was very sententious’ Billy’s mom said, trying not to cry.”
Definition: given to moralizing in a pompous or affected manner.
In my words: give emotional speech in fewer words.

Word N3rd


Word: unorthodox
Book: Squirm, by Carl Hiaasen, page 27
“That’s a bit unorthodox.”
Def: contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted; not orthodox.
In my words: kids that eat glue (emos)