Book Declaration Term 3


For this term I have decided to read Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd. This book was published in September 9, 2008 by David Fickling Books. I chose to read this book because Mr. Green, my Popular Literature teacher from last term, recommended this to me.   Mr. Green said the book talked about the was the 1981 Irish hunger strike which is something I want to know more about.  Also, I really like mystery books and when I read the summary on the back it seemed like a good scary mystery story. There are 322 pages in the book. The main character is in this book is Fergus McCann.

Sioban Dowd wrote this book September 9, 2008 somewhere in Ireland or the United Kingdom. The book was inspired by the 1981 Irish hunger strike. Also, Dowd was a writer’s rights activist.

The story is about explains how bodies were found in bogs around the country. Fergus, the main character of the story, collected turf (soil) from bogs when one day he discovered a body of a young girl with missing limbs.  He suspects murder and the book is about his quest to discover who did it. My prediction is that Fergus discovers who it was.

Bog Child has 322 pages which means I need to read six pages a day to have my book read by February 28.


Book Deceleration Term 2


This term, I decided to read: It’s Trevor Noah: Born A Crime by Trevor Noah. It was published in April 4, 2019 by RHC Books. I chose this book because I like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He is really funny and when I found out he had a book I decided to choose and read it for this term. There are 294 pages about his childhood and then another 12 pages of Trevor talking about the process of writing the book.  Trevor Noah is the author and main character and he writes about growing up in Apartheid South Africa in a very difficult period.

Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1984. Trevor was born during the Apartheid. The Apartheid was a system of racial segregation that existed in South Africa and South West Africa. What was interesting about the Apartheid was that people of mixed race could not marry each other. But that did not stop Trevor’s parents. His dad was a white man from Germany and his mom was a black African woman. It was illegal for them to be together so Trevor was literally Born a Crime, a mixed race baby. Because his parents were mixed race, his dad couldn’t come to see Trevor in the hospital.  Trevor’s parents split up because of the pressure that segregation laws put on their relationship. Now it’s just Trevor and his mom, against the world.

Trevor hosts a television show on Comedy Central/MTV called The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He makes fun of, mostly, politics.  What I find interesting is how the challenges he faced growing up in South Africa have helped him.  Instead of letting these childhood experiences define him his ability to find humor in the worst situations is what makes him such a good host on the show.

Setting of Squirm


For this term, I decided to read: Squirm by Carl Hiaasen. Squirm is based somewhere in Florida around a week before the summer break. The book takes place in Montana because Billy (the main character) wanted to see his father.

When Billy gets to Montana, he meets up with Summer (step-sister) and Lil Thunder Sky (stepmom). One evening, Billy, Summer, and Lil are greeted by a ranger who says that Billy’s dad’s car was abandoned in the forest. So they go get it in the morning. They get to the spot and notice the tires were slashed and that there was a trail. Billy takes the trail and goes on it for a while and notices he’s lost suddenly the night falls and Billy is stuck in the forest.

Billy Dickens, the protagonist, is wondering about his father and his whereabouts. Every month, Billy, his mom, and sister get a check to support them. Billy tries to get the address to find out where his dad is but his mom tears it to tiny pieces so that Billy won’t be concerned. Billy changes throughout the book. When he arrives in Montana and finds out his dad isn’t even at his house. He gets upset with him. When they’re in the woods, Billy spots a drone hovering above him. It drops a letter telling him to get out. Billy is frustrated.

Book Declaration Term 1


For this term, I have chosen to read Squirm, written by Carl Hiaasen published on September 25, 2018, by Scholastic Books. I chose to read this book because I like good nancy-drew-type-books to read. (don’t @ me)

The book was written by Carl Hiaasen (like I mentioned) on September 25, 2018 (mentioned before). The author, Carl Hiassen directed, Hoot. Based off of one of his books called Hoot. All his books are about Florida, different characters saving different animals in each book from panthers to fish. Each one with a twist at the end.

(he’s single ;o)

Carl Hiaasen

The Plot is about a middle-schooler who has a weird fetish for snakes and stuff. He goes to see his dad in some other state, his dad gets kidnapped, then Billy (the main character), becomes some friendly neighborhood Spider-man and goes to save his father. I think Carl is going to die while he is playing with his snakes. There is a total of 259 pages, I will probably read ten pages a day to finish before October 4.