I’m a Big Kid Now!

I feel like I could have done better but I am proud of what I have done in class. I always tried to get a four on the success criteria thing because I always wanted to try harder and see how well I could on the asignments and things that we did. I was proud of my essay and my short stories. One thing that I feel like I should have practiced or done better was being more serious when we read Romeo and Juilet, and when we wrote in the bubble sheet thing, I should have tried to understand what was happening so I could write things down myself and not had to have other peoples help.Image result for reading

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

I know that people lie to keep something from people obviously but I think its also for a guilt thing. From my own experience I have lied to someone because I felt bad about what I did and I didn’t want anyone to know because I know people will look at me diffrently. Sometimes talking to others help get things off of your chest and makes you feel better because then it is not bottled up inside of you. Sometimes people lie to get out of trouble but then comes back later to bite them in the butt but at the time it gets them out of trouble so I think Romeo and Juliet did that to stay out of trouble because they both know they shouldnt have gotten marriedImage result for keeping secrets

Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence tells them or warns them about there marige because he knows what is going to happen and the bad things that are going to come from it, and if anyone figures out that he oficiated it then he would be in some big trouble. I think that he is also woried if one person knows that they snuck off without permishion to go get maried. And he knows that things betweent there parents wont go well and that no matter what will happen that they will know that he officiated it. I dont think they would take the advice because ”love would protect them”.Image result for shakespeare


Many things cause people to hate or strongly dislike others, by hurting there feelings or making them do things that they dont want to, or hang aound people that they know they wont get along with. But Romeo and Juliet is a whole other story something happened beetweent there famlies that make them hate eachother for ever. I think that it is hard to forgive and forget others or things when you know that they arent sorry or feel bad, but something so big like in the story that happened can still be forgiven it will take time but you will be able to forgive others and what they have done, because sometimes people dont know what they did to make you hate them. I think something that you can to do put the hatrid behind you is just to forget, because we all make mistakes and we all know that we cant go back into the past to fi it so what you can do is forget and try to fix it now.Image result for forgive and forget


I think that there is good and bad things about reading it so it is hard to decide. But I don’t think that we should keep teaching it because it is a waste of time and normaly the students dont enjoy it and its just boring and will cause problems. I think that his writing is good but way outdated and his way of writing it is just way to confusing. Me being me with dislexia I can know that when we go over his writing that it will be hard for me and I will not understand what he is saying or what the story is.¬†Image result for shakespeare

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

I don’t know very much about Shakespeare but what I know is that he is a great writer and poet that puts his feelings and emothions into what he writes, but I also know that what he writes is confusing and hard to read. I have read one of his things but I can’t really understand what he says because it is to confusing to me. I want to be able to read Shakespeare and undertand what he is writing and what is going on and how he feels and how the charecters feel in the story. I know that he is an amazing writer and I know some people who have been in aww over his peices and I want to feel like that

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Being able to self assess is an important skill to learn and it can help you in many ways. One way is trying to accomplish goals, because then you can go back on your work or what you did to accomplish your goal and assess what can be changes or improved. Self assessing is a way to see how you did and how you can improve. Self assessing  can help you in carears by setting goals for yourself and afterwards assessing how you did and what you could change and how you can improve on areas and then set new goals.Image result for learning

How I Will Dominate During Term 4

I think I did well on most of the things we did, I think I could do a lot better this term. Last term we read to kill a Mockingbird and I didn’t understand it as much as I should have, so I think that this semester when we read the other book and ask more questions on it so I can understand what is going on in the book so I can prepare to write the essays. I want to master many skills but one I really want to master is how to write and essay that is meaningfull and is written corectly.Image result for essays

How I feel about To Kill a Mockingbird

I really liked the book. The book was written really well and I enjoyed how Harper Lee discribed things in the book and how she hints at little things in the beginning but then at the end of the book that little bit of information that she hinted at in the beginning was really inportant at the end of the book, and all the little hints were like pieces to a pizzle that all came together in the end. Some parts of the book were confusing to me but having the descushions in class about the chapters we had read and it helped and answered many of my queations.Image result for to a mockingbird

Good stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

I chose the quote “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” that Ms. Maudie said. I like this quote because Ms. maudie is talking about the steps that they are making from being racist. To the reader, it is good that she says it because racism is a big thing and to hear it from Ms. Maudie in the book it really means something. It will affect the future of the book by helping everybody not be as racist and taking little steps to not be. I think that it is good to hear that racism is starting to go away because then Atticus will not have to do more trials with a black man against a white man.Image result for taking steps