An Authority on Courage and Integrity

Hi Im Michael Scott Dwight K. Schrute said that I show courage and integrity through many ways. But one thing that he pointed out to me is how I have the courage to bust into any conversation even though no one is talking about me or wants me there. I never make any mistakes and I am so perfect and so I have a lot of integrity. I show caourage though lafter and making people smile (or me looking like an idiot) I am the boss so I have to take the hit if someone messed up anything which is supper hard for me but I have the courage to keep working and to keep making people smile.

Steve Carell
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Blind Spots

I fell like having blind spots is something that nobody knows about you or something that you did and nobody knows about it. I don’t think that you can be a good person when you plan to kill someone because you are racist. Sometimes your blind spots are something little but walter cutingham wanted to kill Tom because walter was racist which is something way bigger than something little. Walter is a good guy he is honest, loyal, and a hard worker so thats why I was confused why he would want to kill Tom. I think walter is a good guy but some times things just push him over the edge.Image result for blind spots in the dark

Real Courage

I think the definition of courage is to do something that is hard or is something that you have never done. Real courage can be many diffrent things. Everybody has there own way of being couragious but having courage and being couragious are two diffrent things. I think that real courage is doing something that is new and you are not use to. All of the charicters in the book have courage and have been couragious in there own way. Showing real courage is hard but also important. Having courage is a way to demonstrate how you can be helpfull.Image result for courage


Attius is is putting the people he loves through lots of stuff because he is defending Tom Robinson in a case. He has put the people he loves through all of this becuase no one else would defent Tom. I don’t think that it is worth it to keep trying to do something when you know that all of your hard work will not pay off.  If you feel relly strongly about something I think you sould put your all into letting people know that you care about it and thats what Atticus is doing. Atticus is in a condition where his family is being bullied about it but yet he still continues the trial because no one else is willing to sacrifice so much for someone that they dont know.Image result for atticus finch

Climing Into another person’s skin

Atticus is basicly saying ot look from the other persons perspective or know whats going on. If you know what is going on then you can help and understand why they were acting or talking the way they are. Sometimes whats going on in someones life is going on in yours so you can help and support eachother and get throgh it together. I agree with what atticus is saying that you can get along better with more people. I think that a lot of problems beetween friends are confushion and miss understanding what they are doing. I like to get to know people and whats going on so I can try to help them and suport them through what is going on.Related image

Beliefs and Actions

Our belief window is something that changes how we see things every day. Every time we see or hear something it gets written on our own belief window. Every thing that is written on our belief window affects the way that we see things and the way we make choices and what we believe. It is important to know what we believe in because it affects the way we do things and we know what to do and what not to do. we can change our belief windows by writting other things on our windows. I think that this idea is cool because the way that everybody sees things impact how others see them and how they see other things.Image result for beliefs

The End is Half Way upon us

I feel like I have done pretty well with all of my short stories and all of the asighments. I feel like I have put effort into each asighments but I feel like can put more into each asighments and the essays that are comming up. I want to improve lots of things but I think the one I will focus on is when im writing a story or an essay to make sure that I am talking about one thing and not go off the topic or get sidetracked. I want to read more in my free time and not just when we are in school.Image result for improvement

Who am I as a reader

reading has tought me many things but it has really helped me understand how much slowing down when reading a story or a book helps me remember what I have read and what is going on in a story. I like how I can use my imagination to picture what is going on and whats it’s like in a book. I think my streangths are being able to picture whats going on and I can figure out how the charicters are feeling and going through in a book or story. I want to improve by remembering to slow down when I read to remember what the book is about and what parts I liked about it.Related image

Literature Review

The story is about a girl and her little sister trying to find there parents while there is a contagious outbreak going on. There are many conflicts that happen in the story but the main one is where Autmn and Casia go to find there parents. The thing that the Author does well is using words to establish the mood, and discribing how the charicters are feeling. The author could discribe more about how the man in the shop got the adress for where there parents went. I recommend this story to people who like sad stories and who like adventre.Image result for glass tube

1% Gain

My one percent goal is to be come a better reader. I am going to read longer and make sure that I understand what I read, so I can go back to a book and be able to tell someone about what it’s like and if they would like it or not. I hope that the outcome for my goal woul be to understand what I have read and be able to tell people about it and be able to talk about the book and go over what me and my friends have learned about the book, and become a faster and a more fluent readerImage result for book