Love Moderately

I think he is trying to tell them that they should get to know each other a little more because they have only known each other for a couple of days and they should not just jump into this and that it is not going to end up well. I think it is good advise and that Romeo and Juliet will not take his advice and they will still get married. I think that they are not moderate and they will soon get bored with each other and that they will not be happy in the future. I think that they need to not jump into things.

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I think that people can  hate as much as in Romeo and Juliet because they are not willing to get to know people and find out that they are not all just bad people and maybe they may just hate each other because of the things that they have been told. One person that I hate is a teacher that I had in 7th grade because they were really boring. I think that the way to get past this hate is to get to know the person and get to understand their point of view and why they think and act the way they do.

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Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I think that Shakespeare should not be taught in schools still. I think that We should not have to read the script of a play because it was made to be a play and not a book. I do think that it will improve your reading level there are many other writings that are just as hard and are more fun to read and are made to be red not as a play. I also think that his topics are not as relevant today as they used to be. I think that there are many other better things that we can read in school than Shakespeare.

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What I learned about people

What I learned about people is that even though some people may look happy all the time it is not just because they don’t have any thing hard going on in their lives it is just that they are better at dealing with it and that they can still stay positive even though they don’t have a perfect life. Another thing I learned is that even if we try to cover up what is going on in our lives and try to act different around different people who we truly are still shows through our personality even if we are trying to hide it.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I want to work on doing my homework better and actually doing it . I am going to do this by setting apart time to do my homework each day and to stop putting it off. I used to be good at doing my homework and then I got lazy and I want to get back into that habit. I will start by just doing a little each day and work from there. I think that if I can slowly get more and more work done each day I will eventually be at the point I want to be. I think that if I can get my homework done my grades will be better.

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What makes a person great

I think what makes a person great is if they are able to do the right thing when it is hard to do. I also think that if you do something hard to do. A person who I think is great is Dakota Meyer, he was a marine and he saved 17 peoples lives even though he did not need to he chose to and that made him great in my book. I also think that a person who is great should be humble. I think that anyone can be great if you just do the right thing when it is not required of you.


to kill a mockingbird review

In this book Scout and her brother Jem and friend Dill live there lives surrounded with racism, school, and stories of a crazy neighbor. This book is pretty good it is just not really a book I would normally read. I feel like this book needs you to really study it and if you just read it then you will be missing stuff. I really don’t think this book lives up to its reputation because it is not really entertaining it is not a page turner. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book that shows you how the great depression was and how bad racism was in the south at the time.

I think that the movie is not as good as the book because it does not really show the whole story and they only took the two most important things in the book and put them in the movie. I think that in the move the message is not as strong as in the book. I think that in the film they should have included more about Atticus their father. I really like him in the book and I did not really like him in the movie.

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Good stuff

“They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep” I think that this really explains the truth behind how people have come tho think that this is a standard thing to do and the children just haven’t learned that. This just shows us how bad this is because the people in this town are willing to sentence a black man that did nothing to death just because a white person said they did something. I think this can show us just how bad racisim was.

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An authority of courage Jay

One day I was at my friend Jessie’s house and my other friend Logan was there and he had a soda and he opened it and it spilled everywhere and then I went and got my gun (an airsoft gun) and I started threatening Logan to clean up the soda or I would shoot him. Then Logan ran and tried to get another gun from Jessie’s room and he spilled another soda so I made him clean it up and then he refused to clean up the first soda so I shot him and then he cleaned up the soda.

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Real courage

I think that Atticus has a good definition of courage. I think that his definition of courage is similar to mine. I think courage is when you do something even if it is hard like if you saw a crime happen and you were told not to tell the police and you still do, that is real courage in my book. Also if you can stand up for what is right even when you know you may get hurt or if you know you will loose. I think that it does take real courage to go through with something even when you know that you are going to loose.

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