Climbing into a another person’s skin

I think what they mean by Climbing into a another person’s skin means that they can and do what they do just to see what it is like and what they do in their  life see what they see in their life  and what they do everyday   they will get along with people better because they will know what their life was like  it can be helpful in some ways but sometimes I don’t think it will will be helpful for them to see it also depends what their life is like and if its bad or good  and other things too   

Where I’m from

My name is William David McLay. I was born in Orem, Utah and currently reside in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I have lived in Pleasant Grove all of my life. My parents are David and Tara McLay. My Dad spent most of his growing up years in Falls Church, Virginia, which is located outside of Washington, D.C.. He was born in Virginia and spent a few years living with his family in England. His family returned to Virginia. His senior year of high school his family moved to Evergreen, Colorado. He graduated high school in Colorado and moved to Utah for college. He spent two years in Chile then returned to Utah for school and has lived in Utah ever since. My mom was born in Salt Lake City and spent all of her life in Cottonwood Heights, Ut.  After my parents got married and graduated college they bought our home in Pleasant Grove because it was near my Dad’s work.


Getting to Know My Inner Voice

I feel like voice is annoying some time and really good other times it just depends on what the story is telling sometimes.  It helps some times to understand  what the story is about and whats going on in the story and other times it doesn’t help  me. Understand so its really annoying so its like 50% good some times and 50% bad for me some times when my inner voice is good for. Me to understand what the story is about   it helps me understand the  story a lot better. Than when its not helpful when its not I feel like the story is going really  slow but when it’s good its going fast and the story is really good.

What would I miss most ?

What would I miss most during the depression? During the depression it was a simple time and a thrifty time.  I would miss my electronics the most. During those time you only purchased the necessaries and nothing more. A monthly phone bill or video game subscription would not be a necessity.  The homes in the depression were not large or elaborate. I am sure you would try to get a more simpler home.  I would miss snack food and sugar. During the depression people only bought bare minimum for meals. There was no money for candy, ice cream or chips.

What went wrong?

I think what went wrong was that a lot of white people did’t like black people.Hey were like  White people could not see  why black person should have rights. They saw blacks as property not humans. Slavery made white people they were better than other races.  This thought process made black people feel humiliated. How would you feel if you were verbally and physically abused everyday just because your skin is a different color. This humiliation and abuse will have lasting effects on all members of this race. No one comes into the world choosing their color of skin. Who are we as a society to punish people for something they have no control over, Slavery went wrong at the very beginning. One race thinking they were better because of a choice another person could not control.

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Everything I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know About the People I Know

what I learned from the humans of pg jr high I learned it’s kinda hard to get information and write a whole essay on information you can get if you don’t get a lot of information and its cool to hear some of there story’s they had to share on what I  ask  her about and hear what they have to say about what they were doing in the story  I was also cool to ask them about something and  hear what they have to say about it   and what they felt after or in the moment when they got it or saw it.

A whole new year

I want to be a better reader my goal is to finish more books then I did last year and finishing my goal’s that I  have this year on that I also want to finish other goals and other things that I want to do and better at this for this year I also want to get better at writing this school year since I am ok at it but  want to get better at it I think it would be  a fun challenge  for  myself

The story I enjoyed the most or disliked the least

The story I enjoyed the most was “Harrison bergeron” by Kurt  Vonnegut I like it because it was interesting and the story was weird because they tired to make everyone equal by putting weights on them but it did’t make them equal but they thought and I liked how they wrote this story because it kept it was interesting and kept it going and I don’t know how it make it connect  it to me by this story but I really like how Kurt Vonnegut wrote this story and how he kept it going on this story and enjoyed this story a lot


The Good Stuff

I am grateful for my family and friends because they are lot of fun to be around and they can help you out with stuff if you need help in your life I am also grateful for cars because they can help you go to places and travel to family and friends houses and go to new places and I am also grateful for planes so you can travel to new places and see new things in your life I am grateful for houses because with out them I would’t have a place to stay and live I am also grateful for food and water because you cant live without them.

Everybody was finally equal

Harrison Bergeron can be applied today in that we strive to have everyone equal. In our society we aren’t equal but we  treat others as if we want the to be equal.  Those that are better than us we put down because we are jealous of the areas they have succeeded in. Those that we feel are less than us we put down to make ourselves feel better about our situation. If someone gets and award are we really proud of them or do we look for areas they have failed on their way to success. With every successful person their is someone trying to dig up dirt on them so that we all feel better about ourselves.

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