What’s This Got Do With Me?

Billy weaver went to a new city he’s  never been to and the of name of it is bath to go to his new job but before he goes to his job he needs a place to stay so he goes to this lady’s house that says breakfast in bed so goes to the house and when he knock and she was there like she was waiting for him and he doesn’t know his city at all. Its kinda related to me because I like going to new place but when I go to new place i don’t know my way around the place like him and when I knock at a door some times there right at the door just like that. One of my thoughts was that I like how the author wrote this story and how he kept the story interesting the whole story. One of my questions is how does the Lady have all this money and whats her job. A different question is why did’t Billy weaver get got of there we he could get out. A different question i have is why does she like stuffing people and how long has she been doing it ?. My epiphany how the author made it interesting for whole story and how lady was weird and how she was creepy.

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