Everybody was finally equal

Harrison Bergeron can be applied today in that we strive to have everyone equal. In our society we aren’t equal but we  treat others as if we want the to be equal.  Those that are better than us we put down because we are jealous of the areas they have succeeded in. Those that we feel are less than us we put down to make ourselves feel better about our situation. If someone gets and award are we really proud of them or do we look for areas they have failed on their way to success. With every successful person their is someone trying to dig up dirt on them so that we all feel better about ourselves.

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What’s This Got Do With Me?

Billy weaver went to a new city he’s  never been to and the of name of it is bath to go to his new job but before he goes to his job he needs a place to stay so he goes to this lady’s house that says breakfast in bed so goes to the house and when he knock and she was there like she was waiting for him and he doesn’t know his city at all. Its kinda related to me because I like going to new place but when I go to new place i don’t know my way around the place like him and when I knock at a door some times there right at the door just like that. One of my thoughts was that I like how the author wrote this story and how he kept the story interesting the whole story. One of my questions is how does the Lady have all this money and whats her job. A different question is why did’t Billy weaver get got of there we he could get out. A different question i have is why does she like stuffing people and how long has she been doing it ?. My epiphany how the author made it interesting for whole story and how lady was weird and how she was creepy.

Suspense and word choice

Once it was a dark night on Halloween and there kid named Gavin he was going to house to house eating candy one time at a house there was a another kid he was flowing Gavin since he started and then he was getting closer and closer and Gavin was getting worried about this kid flowing him so he looked back and he was there a couple houses later he looked back and he was gone Gavin thought he was done and he went back to his house ten houses later he saw the kid again and Gavin kept going and and Gavin never was saw since that

Free body and soul free

In “The Story if an Hour”

It talks about how you can get to feel trapped in your body which can get trapped in your body from depression and other things to gain freedom you have to try to get your freedom back from the person that took it from you what does it mean from free your body and soul i think it means that you can make your own opines on things with our somebody saying you should change it and that you can do stuff you want to do with out somebody picking for you and get your freedom back.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

I like technology because can help you a lot of the time but some times It can be addicting to some people and they have peoples getting off there phone and other stuff  and some people think that if your always be on the phone that can cause problems and get them to have them because they have them and I think little kids should not have there phones and there are other disorders like Truman disease when they have this they think there on a tv show and theres other scientist  believe there is a lot of people that have these things

how I felt about the veldt

The story is about these two kids named Peter and Wendy and his mom and dad named George and Lydia they live in a house with a nursery which its magic veldt that can change two anyplace they want it to change the story starts with them in the nursery they having a good time then these creatures come out then they have to lock it up so the kids don’t get in and get hurt so then they plan to go on a vacation but  they don’t and then they hire a guy to look at it then the kids ask and ask to go into the veldt

small improvements and 1 gains

good habits I can start making like sleeping for longer on the weekends and go outside more than what I do now

I should all so try to brush my teeth at night because some times I forget to do that I also what to read more when I am at home and I think I should start setting goals for stuff like rock climbing and setting goals will help me in the future so i can learn how to finish goals and I think ever person should set goals because  i think help people and  help them do lot of things n life

what I’v Been Reading

What I’v been reading i’v  been reading fable haven and dragon watch In the begin of dragon watch book 1 it is really slow and boring but then middle of the book its really good and I think I am going to read more books than last year and dragon watch book 2 is going really good and its going fast its been better ever chapter and I like reading for 15 min ever time I have this class and I have finished fable haven book 7 and dragon watch book 1 and Brandon mull books has been really good to read and there very exciting.

I can use figurative language

I am sitting in class minding my own business when I hear my name over the intercom. “Could Will McLay please come to the office. My heart started pounding, thump, thump, thump, I was waiting for my heart to drop out  of my body. I walked down the silent hall. I could hear my thumping heart there was an eerie silence in the hall. As I approached the office my heart calmed as I saw it was only my sister. I was not in trouble. My sister was checking me out for lunch. The engine roared as he drove away to have lunch together.


What will the future be like?

I think in 2095 will be a bunch of robots and floating island and a bunch of different things like floating cars and roads and they can drive to a bunch of different places and maybe fast travel and maybe a war our something but that wouldn’t be good and there might be cures to a lot of different things and people might be able to live a lot of different things and it would be cool to see your grandparent and your family and there might be weird for nobody doing anybody and there be a lot more safer places

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