The Good Stuff

Something I am grateful for are my parents. My parents are greatest parents anyone could ask for. They work there butts off too make sure have a roof over my head, having food in my house, letting me have things I want it all comes from my parents. If I didn’t have them i wouldn’t be able to anything. Yes we have our ups and downs but at the end of the day I love them with all my heart. I’m so grateful for things I have and for the things I get. Mom and Dad i love you both so much!!!

Everyone’s finally equal

Teachers punish us by making us stay for viking time and making us do the work we are missing and get it up. Say there is a student that has missing assignments in a different class and nothing the other class that is for viking time how is he supposed to make the other work up. Well the student shouldn’t have missing assignments keep all the work in and you wont have the trouble with teachers.Another way say there is a girl in our school and she is super pretty and then there is this other girl that is jealous and starts a rumor about her and cause she is jealous.

What’s on my mind?

what is on my mind right now is mainly being the manger for the basketball team. Coach Hard man said today that i have the spot of being a manger and i am more than proud to be part of the freshman team. I have helped out with teams before and it is so much just the environment of being part of team weather your losing or winning it’s still a great opportunity. I have always wanted to some sort of manger cause your still part of that team. I’m  so excited to be part of great team and being with my friends. 

What Does This Story Have to Do With Me?

In the story Billy Weaver has this great plan to go out and do this job and do some great things. Well he was walking down the street and saw this bed and breakfast and so of course he stopped in and too see if he could stay there. Well the lady that runs this place is pretty dang creepy and when he was signing the paper too put is name and everything he saw some names that he had heard before and so he started to ask her some questions and she was saying they were still there in the bed and breakfast well come too find she stuffs and kills humans. So I bet you could guess what happened to Billy she stuffed him. What this story has to do  with me is I told myself I was going to play football this year and I told my parents that I was going too play and it was going to be great and everything. Well a week before football tryouts and when I had to get all of my stuff my family ran into some problems where I couldn’t play. It was pretty rough at the start but then i went to all of the games for the most part and i almost felt like I was on the team.

The Story of an Hour

What I think about story of an hour is that it is a good story. Why I think this is cause the author made everything fit together just right and she made the story make sense, sometimes you have those story’s that make no sense and you have no idea what happened to the character. Well not with this story the author made Louise feelings make sense like when her husband died she wasn’t happy about it she was depressed and down and sad. But then all of sudden she realized that there was more to life then just being down. But there is one problem to this story! I’m still confused about how she died I know she had a heart disease but they needed to make it more smooth through out the story. I have some questions about this story. How was she super happy and then all of sudden she dies. Why did they tell her slowly that her husband died and why didn’t they just tell her right away? Something i think is messed up is that they didn’t really help to save her husband. In the end though this author made everything so powerful. She put clues in the story to help us out about what was going on.

Suspense and Word Choice

One notorious night there was a young girl walking around her neighbor hood and she was walking very quietly cause she didn’t want to make a blaring noise. If she made the creepy old lady would come out and try to find her little body to bring her into the dark room. In the dark room there was many things. They had cutting up human table which she was so scared once she saw that. The only way you would make it too that table is if you were too try to escape so this little one didn’t try. There was scary clown area and she was getting more frighted she still didn’t dare make move. Till the scary old lady put her down and she….. come to find later if she does anything notorious!

Locked Inside

What I think this poem is saying is that she is super depressed and she doesn’t want to anything with the world. And she sees know one wants to do anything with her. And I also think she is thinking about other things. So since she is mad and depressed she is beating a door trying to bring all of her anger out so she puts it on a door. But then she realizes that she is so mad she is just gonna pace and slouch and cry cause she doesn’t feel welcome. So she keeps thinking there is gonna be no hope beyond. But then all of a sudden she raises her head and brings herself up and thinks. Wait I have so much more in life. She sees the world starts to glow. She hears a voice and it was super clear she felt welcomed again. And then she sees the door is locked but the Lock is on the inside.

Technology Friend or Foe?

In my option its a friend because it can help us out a lot. Say you are trying to get around a city and you have never been there before you can use your phone for a map. And so that could help you around. Or say a singer is coming out with a new album and you want to see what songs are on it then u could use your phone for that. Or say there is a news article you want to read instead of using the paper you could use your device. So i feel like its good most of time if your using it in the proper way of using it.

What I’ve Been Reading

What i have been reading is well i haven’t really read this year i read about a book that was about rules in basketball. And it gave info about how to play the game and the point of view from players around all sports. Micheal Jordan said “I miss 100% shots that i didn’t take.” So he had to improve his game every day. He didn’t master the game the first day playing. He had to work his way to be great. Not only did he had to himself he had to do it for his team. This book gave me a lot of info. And i learned a lot. I recommend this book.

I can use figurative language

I am going to keep talking about the volcano and the earthquake. In my last post I was writing about the future of the Yellowstone Volcano and the huge earthquake that is suppose to happen. This volcano will erupt like a giant pimple popping in the morning. When this earthquake happens its gonna hit like mighty rhino running to someone. This earthquake is not gonna feel like das a vu its gonna hurt everyone. And when this volcano happens its not gonna be good. Its gonna hurt everyone like basebal hitting you in the eye. SO JUST BE READY!!