The Story of an Hour

What I think about story of an hour is that it is a good story. Why I think this is cause the author made everything fit together just right and she made the story make sense, sometimes you have those story’s that make no sense and you have no idea what happened to the character. Well not with this story the author made Louise feelings make sense like when her husband died she wasn’t happy about it she was depressed and down and sad. But then all of sudden she realized that there was more to life then just being down. But there is one problem to this story! I’m still confused about how she died I know she had a heart disease but they needed to make it more smooth through out the story. I have some questions about this story. How was she super happy and then all of sudden she dies. Why did they tell her slowly that her husband died and why didn’t they just tell her right away? Something i think is messed up is that they didn’t really help to save her husband. In the end though this author made everything so powerful. She put clues in the story to help us out about what was going on.

3 thoughts on “The Story of an Hour

  1. they broke the news about her husbands death to her slowly because if she gets too shocked she will die, just like how she died in the end because she was so shocked. and they didn’t help her husband in the end because he was just there he didn’t need any help with anything unless it was to open the front door.

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