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The book Artemis Fowl book 6 is about Artemis Fowl traveling through time to save an animal and heal his mother from a horrible sickness that would kill her if she didn’t do anything. What i tho... Read More

The Non Assignment

Next to the wall, the stand over man sat, numb and gratified, like a beautiful itch at Liesel Memingers feet. pg 238 living was living, the price was guilt and shame. pg 208 no ones urine smells as go... Read More

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In my book Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer  there is a part in it were someone is captured and is about to be executed. the group doing this is called the extinctsenests  were they kill animals because ... Read More

On Stealing

Liesel is stealing from a couple of different places all of the time. She steals from a potato farmer and an apple orchard. But she also goes after random people on the street. But she is not heartles... Read More

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In the book Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer there is a part were the main group of friends is fighting through a massive group of demons that are hunting them to prove themselves to the pack leader. The f... Read More

Are Books Dangerous?

I think that the Germans were so worried that people were reading books because they could gain knowledge from them and see that the Nazis are very bad and people really shouldn’t support them. ... Read More

Midterm Blog post

I am really excited about camping. We are going to be going to a place that we have been to many times. It has a great view and is still kind of a challenging hike but it is still close to our house. ... Read More

I have read the book Magnus Chase and i think that it is worth reading again. There is a very weird part at the end of the book that isn’t inappropriate but goes against curtain beliefs. It is w... Read More