Tell Me About It

I have been keeping up with the news for certain games and found out some interesting things. Why do we Americans complain about getting fat when we have a holiday about getting fat. In America most people go and eat at fast food restaurants and it not helping the average weight of Americans. They need to start eating healthy and they can have fast food once and awhile but not all the time.

Who am i as a reader?

I am a really focused reader and when I read I will really get into the book if i like it. The books i like are comics, mysteries, and histories. For example, the book I am reading now, Unexplained mysteries of World War 2. Some of my strengths are being really focused and a fast reader. My weaknesses are not really like some books and get really confused sometimes when reading. I don’t dislike all books. I am not a fan of science books.

How I did first term

I did really well first term and I am hoping to do good again this term. What my academic goal is that I will get better at reading and writing. I want to get better at reading and writing because I’m not great at writing but am sort of good at reading. When we do the short story assessment I don’t know what to write at first but later I know what to write and how i want to write it. I did really well with my short story group and learned a lot from them and I hope I learn more from them.

The Power of Words

When the author does authors moves,literary devices, they try to make you think, feel, or understand something. The author creates the mood by describing the settings and the feelings of the characters. They influences our feelings by making it very descriptive and their feeling of choice depending on what is happening. The author makes us think, feel, and understand things that they want us to because they want us get in to the book and have us keep reading until the book is over and you move on to the next book in the series or move on to a new series.

the best book I ever read!

The best book I ever read was Deadpool. This is because he is always on some kind of random adventure. He has funny fourth wall breaking skills while he is on his adventures. Even though it is a comic book you can manage to have fun while reading and while he still beats the bad guys he still manages to mess up in some way during the process. As well as when he beats the bad guys he does it in a cool, funny or awesome way. Even though he most of the time gets help from other people he is usually the one that does the most talking.

What kind of a writer am I?

When i first started this class i was not a good writer and that meant that i did not do very good when writing prompts and stories. But since I have been in this class my writing has really improved over the past few months we have been in this class and it really helps me because i was not very good at English before and now i am doing a lot better thanks to writing. It has taught me that if i keep on trying i will do better in English and in writing most of all.

How i felt about the first story


The Sniper was very exciting and surprising. It is exciting because he decided to take a risk  to smoke but he didn’t do it quick enough. Then the enemies saw him and took a shot but they missed. So as he was watching the enemies in front of him a shot went over his head. At that point he went behind a chimney to take cover. An armored car came by and a informer told the guy in the turret where the sniper was, so the sniper took a shot and hit the man on the turret and shot the informer. Then later on he gets hit and hits the enemy sniper and they fall to the floor. What was surprising that the enemy sniper was his brother.

What i look for in a good character.

What i look for in a good character is that they sometimes know what they are doing. For example deadpool sometimes knows what he is doing and other times things just don’t go as planed in his case. He as makes the audience laugh because he makes funny jokes and his odd fourth wall breaking skills. Even though he knows we are  there the others don’t. Also in a good character there has to be a good story. Take Harry Potter, it is about a boy who lives in a cupboard and gets a letter that he is a wizard and is now going to wizard school and has a great story.

Why do we read stories?

We read stories because they give us a world other than ours to escape to. There are different types of stories like fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, and etc. These are what make us feel better when we are upset or if we are happy we can be even more happy. When we read them we don’t care if they are about real things or not because we just want something to read and feel better about our selves. So this  is why i think we read stories even if they are long or short, we just want something to entertain us.