August 31 2018

What’s the Deal With Stories?

“Some dude sits in a dank basement (and I don’t mean cool) and makes up a story and someone says it changed their life”

– Mr. Green


Why are stories so important to us? I think that it’s the way that they can create something that isn’t real and make us care about them. The way that they can make us care about characters and places that don’t exist is really cool to me. The best books are the ones where you feel like you’re there and then realize you’re not when your mom makes you load the dishes.

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5 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With Stories?

  1. Olivia

    I like how you said that books can make us care about characters that are not really real but the book still tells there story and i also agree with that, really good post by the way. 🙂

  2. Brayden

    I like how you shared how we can care about things that aren’t real, but I think the reason we care about them is because they become real to us as we read.

  3. Mr. Green

    I was about to penalize you for only having 98 words in this post, but then I saw that you quoted me, fairly accurately as far as I can remember, so I let it slide.


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