What Kind of a Writer am I?

What I am really good at as a writer is that when I am writing, I can use many different words that have the same meaning instead of just using the same word over and over again cause that doesn’t make your essay or post as good. To me, essay writing can help students so that in their future, they can use their essay writing knowledge from school to help them with their job or a college test. Something I need to improve on as a writer is I sometimes don’t write them very long because I run out of ideas, so when I am doing an essay, I should write down all of the ideas I have and work on more as I am doing it.

Why We Tell Stories

Stories are important to people because we can always learn from them. They can ┬áplay an important role in our society culture, they can give you knowledge of many things. The use in telling these stories is that they can also teach you many lessons that you might need/want to know in the future, like such as in a children’s book, that book tells you that you shouldn’t take candy from strangers because they might be lying and do something else to harm you. That tells the kids that they need to stay away from strangers so nothing bad happens to you.

About Me

Hello, my name is Tyson May. I like to do many awesome things such as: play video games eat food, watch movies, etc. I read books sometimes, I am currently reading “A Monster Calls”. I only read books that catch my eye, which most of the time there aren’t very many. Hanging out with friends is pretty cool as well, that’s basically all I do anyways.


10/10 IGN

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