What I Learned About People

Something that I have learned about people is that they could have a very similar or a very different personal life. You and someone else could have the same liking to what you like, such as playing a certain genre of video games, or doing something specific when you are hanging out with a friend or friends, but he/she could have a totally different lifestyle, such as they might not even play video games or they might not have a whole lot of friends, or their friends might not like the same things as they do. Everyone’s life is different, but you could find someone with similarities as you.

What I Don’t Know About the People In This Room

Something that I don’t know about people is that I not very informed about their personal/out of school life. I have no idea what they do or how their life is so I don’t really know how to treat them in the right way. If I do know about them more, then I could give them the right treatment they deserve. I’m going to fix that and talk to our fellow classmates a lot more now, I could finally have the right knowledge about them I should know and maybe make a couple of new friends in the process as well.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

At the beginning of the school year, one thing I wanted to accomplish is to be a better reader and I feel like I have improved in my reading skills. Something I have done well this year in English is getting good grades, the lowest I got this year was an A-. Something I have struggled with is remembering to get the homework done and turned in. Something I wish to work on now is getting better at writing essays and a way I’ll train myself is I’ll do a lot more writing and studying with those kind of things. When this school year ends, I want to have A’s for the last two terms in English, I need to go to class, do the homework, and actively participate in in-class work.

What Makes a Person Great?

Something that could make a person great is if he/she were to help out the needy people, it will help benefit the good person and the needy person, it give the giver a sense of happiness and the receiver gets something that they need. Another thing you could do is not be prideful in your life, when you aren’t prideful, then you won’t boast about yourself, which will have other people not be sad that they don’t have certain things that you do have, people won’t also not have a bad reaction towards you either so it will benefit you and them.

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

We just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird in class, it;s about two kids, Jem and Scout, living in the 1930’s, they live really close to a family called the Radleys, they think they are the meanest and most disgusting people in the world. Later on in the book, their father, Atticus (who is a defense attorney), is defending a black man in court against some white folk. Further on in the book the plot kind of splits up, it’s focusing on more than one thing, the Radleys and the court case. I really liked the book, it managed to keep me interested throughout the whole book, and I don’t really like reading, so you know this is a good book.

We also finished watching the movie adaptation. I really liked it, it gave me a better overlay of the book and helped me understand some confusing parts in the book, but I can already tell you there are some pretty big differences between the book and the movie. In the movie, Aunt Alexandria didn’t even exist, it never showed us the whole thing that went down with Jem and Mrs. Dubose, and it never had the fire, plus there are still some more differences. A really powerful moment in the movie was when Scout finally got to see Boo Radley and figured out that he isn’t that bad of a person.

Good Stuff

The quote I ┬áchose was the one Atticus says. It says, “They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep.” What just happened in the book was that Tom Robinson was named guilty by the jury even though Atticus proved to everyone that he was innocent. The people just wanted it to stay the way it always used to be, that a black man shouldn’t accuse a white man of anything. It just tells you how unfair it was for the colored people back in the 1930’s, they didn’t have the same rights as white people and they couldn’t have the same jobs, or even go to the same bathroom. It was all separated.

An Authority on Courage – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I had a very tough decision during my terms as the United States President. It was whether or not that the U.S. should go to war against the Nazi regime in World War II or not. I made the decision to go to war eventually after our country began to struggle. It turned out positive because as soon as we stormed those beaches of Normandy, we were already making a huge impact in the war. We won the war and out country began to function again as our economy began to grow again. If I didn’t decide to go to war, we maybe never could’ve gotten out of the Great Depression.

Real Courage

The way Atticus talks about courage in “To Kill a Mockingbird” is that even though you know you lost even before it started, you start anyways and go through it, but you rarely win when it ends. It’s kind of similar in the way that I define courage, I define courage as the ability of doing something that you or someone else is very afraid of. It’s mildly different because he never establishes it as someone being afraid of something but I do when I define it, and I never defined it about going through till the end and rarely winning.


I say that is is worth a shot to try but lose, because even if you lose, you can still learn from experience. If you lose, you will know what it’s like to have gone through the thing you went through, so if it ever happens again, you will probably do it differently so you could win. If you were to try and knowing you would lose, I suggest you only sacrifice a little, because you still need to live after the whole ordeal is over. So if you still had money afterwards, then you will be alright. Also, I would only do this under really specific circumstances, like if there was no possible way to get out of it so I would just go with it. In the book it shows that Atticus is persistent and will keep going till the end.

To Kill a Mockingbird–So Far

So far reading To Kill a Mockingbird, I have liked a whole lot. I’m a person who doesn’t really get engaged into very many books, so if i’m liking a book, it’s grabbing my attention, and I read the whole thing pretty quick then that tells people that it’s a good book and they should also read it. I’m liking the story line, characters, and the setting because it has a little suspense in it. It’s an overall good book and I think more, if not all schools should read this book, this is coming from a person who doesn’t like reading so you know that this is a good book.

10/10 IGN

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