i’m a big kid now

Honestly this year went by SUPER fast. It was a good year,  but the hardest one cause everything counts and there’s always stuff coming up. I’m proud of making it through my freshman year and finishing junior high. The beginning of August was great and stuff were not as hard as they are now (in May) but as we’ve reached the last month, everything is crazy. I’m not really aware of goals or plans, I just want to get through school with good grades and to be something in life. An achiever. I’m excited to see whatever highschool brings on and hopefully I make it through all of that.

secrets secrets are no fun; secrets secrets hurt someone

I just feel like some people think, “Oh, it’s my problem I have to deal with it on my own.” I think people are reluctant to say anything because they think they’ll tell you “Oh, you’re fine. Suck it up.” But the thing with problems or situations is, you never know how it’s affecting that person. Or how far they can take the stress and disappointment if it is in that case. Talking to others can help because they could give you advice or help you out with whatever you need. I talk to my mom and dad whenever I need help with someone or when I’m going through something. There’s always going to be someone who cares. I think it’s sad how some people who are hurting don’t seek out for help.

love moderately

I think that Friar Lawrence was trying to tell Romeo and Juliet to take things slowly. It was crazy how he suddenly “fell in love” with Juliet in the same day that he basically met/saw her. Unless you believe in “love at first sight” but I think taking it to marriage is CRAZY. I mean, you don’t even know the person or what they’re capable of doing. You need to be with someone who reaches your standards/expectations. It is good advice. I agree with Friar Lawrence. They’re too young too but that was normal for them. And well, a lot of people know how this story ends so no I don’t really think they took any advice nor care as much. But they already moved on with stuff too soon, so what is there to do? Nothing.


I think some people are capable of hating people for an irrational reason is because maybe they believe something they’ve heard about that person. But I believe it when I see it. Maybe perhaps they never got a long well and one or the other overreacted and took it too far. Or whatever, there are millions of reasons that can make you not like someone. I don’t hate anyone, it’s a strong word but there are a few people I dislike. I mean, if you’re gonna dislike someone it’s for a good reason, unless it’s really that bad. But I don’t like mean people, obviously, who doesn’t? Mean people as in people who judge people, spread rumors and think they’re superior and don’t care about other people’s feelings. I probably have said in the past that I hated someone, but I didn’t mean it. And I didn’t understand really what hate was. I think it’s not so common for me to dislike someone unless they really are that mean. I like being chill with everyone, not precisely besties but cool, you know?  There’s millions of reasons you could get disliked but I think the word “hate” is too harsh.

self assessment

I think it’s good to be able to assess because you can see basically what abilities you have. It can help you in school because you’ll be able to see what you’re really good with or even something you struggle with. It can help you outside of school because it’s a basic life skill like thinking, critical thinking. You always have to be thinking about something, you do it everyday. I found it similar to independency. In your future profession, so you can do something you would like and to be really good at it. Even when you have a crush, don’t have your friend or someone tell them for you. Just like full send and do it, it’s more mature and perhaps it won’t work out but atleast you tried. Knowing how to assess is good because you will show yourself how to be independent and see what you’re capable of.

how will i dominate during term 4

I mean, I did okay. I basically got B’s for all terms in English and I guess I could improve. What I could do better, is actually turning in my assignments on time , not procrastinating , and focusing more so I can understand stuff. I don’t really have anything I’d like to master. Except actually turning my stuff in. One of my goals count be getting something higher than a B , basically an A and to complete my assignments on time and that goes mainly for every class. My second goal could be meeting new people and making new friends, I guess.

how i feel about to kill a mockingbird

Overall, it was a good book. I’m surprisingly glad that I read that book actually. What I liked about it, is how realistic it is. It can actually give you perspective and to kinda ‘see’ how things were back then and how stuff with racism was. For example; when Tom Robinson lost the case and how African Americans had to respect the Americans even though they didn’t get an equal amount of respect. Sadly, racism is still a thing. I didn’t really dislike anything about it besides the fact that it was a very , very long book. At first I found it weird that we were reading a book on kids being kids but as we read more, and we learned new things it got kinda interesting. It was a good book, and had a good message in it.

good stuff from to kill a mockingbird

I picked the quote on page 244, “If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head”. I picked it because it was a pretty straight-forward thing. The people in the court knew that Atticus wouldn’t have luck on defending an African-American but he can be there as a person showing what’s not right and what is in his case. Kinda like taking a risk. So in other words, the quote basically meant something like “Oh, if he’s gonna go for it, that’s on him.” You’re knowing it won’t always work, but you’ll give it a try because you have confidence on thinking whatever will work out.


an authority on courage and integrity

When I think of someone who is an authority on courage and integrity, I think of my dad. My dad will always want the best for me and give me honest solutions to work something out even if it’s a very difficult situation. Like no matter how risky it is, he’d always want to help on working it out. He would want me to do whats honest and best, and to just do it. And if it had a bad result, he would tell you that it was for the best and make you feel proud of what you did. So, I think he’d just say “Go for it, do what’s best and what makes you happy.”, and he’d support my decision and be there for me no matter what it is. I think that makes him a courageous person.


blind spots

He probably said that because it was normal to them back then, to be rude to African-Americans. And they also probably had bad intentions towards African-Americans as well, wanting to hurt them every once in a while. I don’t think you can be a person after doing anything that terrible, you don’t just want to kill people because of who they are. You can make mistakes, but intentional murder isn’t a mistake. I mean, you can change as a person but you’ll still have that thing you did in you. But it also depends on what you did or are thinking of doing because everything has consequences, good or bad to you.