beliefs and actions

I actually haven’t heard of the belief window until we discussed it in class. I think it’s a really cool idea , and it’s also cool how every belief window is different & unique from one another. I think it’s important to know what you believe because that makes up the person you are. If you believe in good and positive things your life is obviously gonna be a good one, as well with a negative one, you won’t enjoy it. I think beliefs can be formed from an experience or if you grew up with a certain belief. Beliefs shape our actions in a way because you will do whats best for you or whoever in some cases. Not all beliefs are good, some can be bad and not everything you believe is right. They can change your rules and behavior as well. I like the idea of belief windows, and it’s interesting because your beliefs make the person you are.


1% gain

An improvement that would help me be better in my English class would be bringing in a book. I don’t really like reading and I think if I read more my skills will be better. It would actually be more of a normal thing to me, and I would fix the skill of always getting distracted. This will help me in my future because I will have a better reading skill and I’d be interested to read, way more than I am now. I wouldn’t just read at school, I’d read at home too. And I think this is a skill that will help me forever, because reading is used in everyday life and all throughout life as well.

the sticky issue of equality

I think the meaning of equality is giving people the same amount of whatever. In the case with the articles we read, equal respect for everyone. Like it described how Americans would get better and newer thing, but the African-Americans would get the used or old or not so good things. Or how African-Americans would have to call Americans “Sir” or “Ma’am”, yet the African Americans wouldn’t be respected. It should’ve been leveled out for everyone to get the same amount and no one with more than the average person. I think background of a person doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, we are all people. Everyone deserve equality regardless of the person they are.


literature review

I am going to be reviewing my narrative story, and it’s a second part to my first story, it’s kind of a trilogy thing. Anyways, the story is about a 16 year old who is in foster care and placed in a home in San Diego, California. And he notices that the home he is in isn’t as bad as his past ones were. He made new friends, he did well in school and maintained a good relationship with the people at home and he wasn’t as troubling as he used to be. The parents decide that he’s a good kid and that they are willing to adopt him and he’s happy and everyone’s happy. I gave good characterization and included well what they like and dislike. I was specific on detail and gave more detail on describing things as well. It could’ve been better if I had better skills in figurative language. And if I had actually finished it on time. It would’ve been great. I couldn’t really make up my mind for picking a mood, but some of my authors moves were introducing new characters and I was very descriptive with details. I think anyone would be interested in reading it. Probably teenagers. I enjoyed writing the story and I think I enjoyed my first story better because it gave more of a mood and actually told more things like his background story and why he hates being in foster care. I would give this story 4 out of 5 stars.

tell me about it

I don’t really have anything on my mind besides how happy I am right now. Schools great and so is life in general, I’m not as negative as I used to be bcoz life’s short and you gotta be happy n’ stuff. But anyways, I don’t bother telling anyone because for some people I guess it matters, and others are like “Oh cool, I guess.”. But anyways, I’m becoming really close with my bestfriend Manny and he’s great and a funny fella. And I have really good friends, and my relationships with my parents are better. Also, I’m pretty happy I’m fixing my grades and how good I’m doing. I feel like I’ve definitely improve from last year and that makes me soooo happy omgosh. But yea, life’s been good and I’ve been having really good days! So uh, here’s a pic of my favorite ever<3

what i’m reading

At the beginning of the year I was reading The Woman at The Washington Zoo: Writings on Politics by Marjorie Williams, but it got really boring and I didn’t pay much interest in old guys who had problems. I don’t know why I picked that book, I just got it off of my auntie’s shelf. No offense, but I didn’t like the book, and I think you’d be into it if you’re really interested in politics and that stuff. So, I decided to not read it anymore and I suck at picking books and staying focused in the book. But in class I just read out of the literature books and I read the Martin Luther King Jr. story and one on Rosa Parks. The one on Martin Luther King Jr. isn’t really a story, it’s just his “I Have A Dream” speech. And Rosa Parks’ story is a good one, just basically her story and about how brave she was. And I prefer the literature book than a politic book.

how i did during first term

I did good, I managed and made it through first term. I got good grades and I’m pretty proud of myself. I didn’t really struggle with anything, only if I was missing assignments or anything like that. My goal for this term is to actually have straight A’s and to not have any missing assignments and be caught up. After Christmas break, we will have new classes, and I also hope that after that I’m also doing good and getting good grades. I will know that I improved by pretty much seeing my mistakes from the past as well with doing better!

who am i as a reader?

I am a really slow reader and I don’t like to read as well. I can’t really get focused on a book because it’s too quiet and I get distracted easily. It’s also hard to find a good book, as well with understanding the stories because some authors really suck at writing. It’s also kinda hard when they add old timey words or have figurative language I don’t understand. Therefore, I am very picky with books. But when I have to read, I like realistic fiction or true events, I don’t like fake “fairy” stuff like that. And I also kinda like horror stories too. But yea, I’m not a good reader but I’m okay in writing stories and essays.

the power of words

I think that the way authors or film makers show moods, is by certain things characters say or do. Like at a funeral, there would be rain, black attire, people crying, people that look upset, etc. It’s a thing you kinda have to make up in your mind in a guessing way, because it’d be weird if they said “I’m sad”, you have to see what vibe they’re letting out or the way they act towards a person. I think this is a good skill because it could help you identify what a person is really feeling, in a book, or real life.

what kind of writer am i?

When it comes to writing, I am good at blog prompts and giving my opinion on certain things. I don’t do as well when I have to write a short story because coming up with a hero, bad guy, setting and what their purpose is, is a really hard thing to come up with. I was taught how to give my perspective, as in point of view, and I think I just need to improve my story writing skills. And I need to be better with introducing new people and a development with the character. I think it’s also hard for me when I have to write a second part of the story because I have to give a new goal or purpose to the character.