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I don’t really have anything on my mind besides how happy I am right now. Schools great and so is life in general, I’m not as negative as I used to be bcoz life’s short and you gotta be happy n’ stuff. But anyways, I don’t bother telling anyone because for some people I guess it matters, and others are like “Oh cool, I guess.”. But anyways, I’m becoming really close with my bestfriend Manny and he’s great and a funny fella. And I have really good friends, and my relationships with my parents are better. Also, I’m pretty happy I’m fixing my grades and how good I’m doing. I feel like I’ve definitely improve from last year and that makes me soooo happy omgosh. But yea, life’s been good and I’ve been having really good days! So uh, here’s a pic of my favorite ever<3

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