term 4 book

The book I am reading called “Wrecked” by E.R. Frank. I chose it because I was in a hurry, it looked cool, and the description on the back made me wonder “oooo what would happen next?” I am guessing the age/grade group for readers is 9-12th graders, or 14 and older. The main character, Anna, is about 16. I believe the author isn’t well known in Utah, but she’s known for writing books for young adults, and “teen fiction”. I know that the main character is pretty stubborn and would do any dumb thing to fit in, as in do drugs or drink. The message would probably be that you don’t need to impress people, and everything has a consequence. Every choice you make can lead you to a good, or bad path.

Call to Adventure

On a normal school day, I wake up at 6:15, I brush my teeth, wash my face, comb through my hair, do my hair, change and add a little makeup. I usually curl, braid or straighten my hair because I don’t want to be that extra. I am done sometime around 7:15, I put on my shoes and eat breakfast if I have the time. I usually walk or carpool to school, I get there around 7:50. I get to school, do what I need to, and basically get through the day. I get home, I help my mom out with chores while she makes dinner. In my free time, I go on social media and yea yea. Usual making with friends. I eat dinner around 5, when my step-dad gets home. And I go to church at 6, on the days. (On Tuesdays & Fridays I have to attend ‘Catholic Classes’)  When I get home, I shower and do a little homework. I often finish it in between classes. Then I go to bed around 9:30. On the weekends I wake up at like 11, get ready, do chores and go shopping or something.

Since I’m so busy with school or stuff here and there, I don’t really have time to do anything to improve myself. I would personally like to become more active and physically fit. It is pretty difficult to do any sort of exercise cause my asthma and pigeon toe, which gives me a hard knee pain making it hard to run. Perhaps, to be a little more happier with myself as well, healthy mentally and physically.

The refusal of the call is life. I have stuff to do, turn in assignments, complete them, help my mom out, church and going back and forth from here to there. Junk food as well, it’s impossible for me to get away from Dr. Pepper and hot Cheetos. But I know I can do it.

My mentor is my best friend, my mama. It’s our goal to become healthier because you’d live a better and longer life. My mom motivates me and puts me in a state of mind where I tell myself “I can do it!”. When we have time, we go on walks. She gives me enough support and we both know we can do it. Therefore, I will become more confident and reach my goal. 

Personal Quest

Something that has made me feel like an adult is the responsibility of having a phone. I had the responsibility to care and be active and wise when they needed me to be quick and answer. Another thing that has made me ”feel adult” is staying at home or watch my siblings. You are basically responsible if they cause any damage or trouble to keep everything as it was. The reason you are given these privileges is to get sort of introduced to reality and seeing you should take things seriously as you get older. I think it’s good because it’s getting you into maturity.

A time I felt like I needed change was when I basically got to Jr High. You see just a lot of bullying, or rude insults as well as actions. Or people who take “jokes” way to far to the point where it’s offending.  What I meant by change is friends. There are people you consider as “friends” and really aren’t. Not only did I get rid of “friends”, but of negativity like drama. In a good way, I resolved that by talking to them and saying we should start off good, I guess. But other than that, Jr High is a journey.  

term 3

Over Christmas break, I spent time with my family. My mom and step-dad bought tamales and my grandma made a mexican hot chocolate called “champurrado”. We had a Christmas dinner, we had salad, rice and beans, tortilla, chicken, sauces, and mashed potatoes. We gave thanks to Jesus Christ, and watched a movie at home in the mean while we waited to open presents. I got $200, jewelry and clothes.

The book I plan to read is Juvie by Steve Watkins. I just randomly got it in the library because it looked cool.

My goal for this year is to get straight A’s and make more friends.



Motivated, Loving and Thoughtful

Eldest sister of 3, and Daughter of Sergio Pedraza and Beatriz Adriana Martinez

Who loves music, kindness, and learning

Who makes herself proud, loves to make others smile and likes making people happy

Who fears get separated from her parents, racism, and losing great opportunities

Who accomplished to love/believe in herself

Who would like to see everyone people treated the same, success in life, and happiness in everyone

Born in Provo, living in Pleasant Grove


Readers Response

Out of all the poems, I personally liked “Me” better than the rest of the poems. What I liked about the “Me” poem is that it’s saying that for as long as this person lives, they will always be themselves like no matter what. In their perspective, they’re going to stay like that forever, and being positive about it. Being proud of who’ve they become to show the world. Not going to be changeable for anyone to fit in. As in, not change for anyone and to be their own type of person, not really being alike all the others. Or not changing yourself to be ‘perfect’. This poem is like me because I like being myself, and don’t change to be liked or to fit in. I don’t really care what people think of me being different. But not everyone is alike, everyone is themselves because of a unique feature they have. That’s not really similar to others’ uniqueness. Therefore, “Me” is a poem that could possibly describe me in the best way. It doesn’t have anything in common with my theme song.


I chose this image because the purple flower represents a person. The flowers in the background represent people who want to be the same to fit in. The purple flower is more beautiful than the rest because being all the same, is lame! Unique is beautiful. You don’t have to be like others, because you can be yourself as a great person. It’s inspiring because there are people who change all their likes and dislikes just to be accepted. Why it’s inspiring is because it’s like if it were a role model. Telling people it’s okay to be different and it’s cool. Different isn’t bad, and I believe that people would be better if they showed them real selves. I like to be different, it inspires myself and I’m not ashamed of it!


As long as I live

I shall always be

My Self – and no other,

Just me.


Like a tree.


Like a willow or elder,

An aspen a thorn,

Or a cypress forlorn.


Like a flower,

For its hour

A primrose, a pink,

Or a violet –

Sunned by the sun, And with dewdrops wet.

Always just me.

– Walter de la Mare –

Book Symbols and Themes

In my book The Help, one of Aibileen’s important object is probably her apron. I think it symbolizes her and other colored maids during the 1960’s where segregation was a huge problem. It represents their hardworking and risks they do. And for her, it’s much more. What she’s been doing to maintain herself a normal-ish life, it’s what she does since she really doesn’t have a family. Her son died. The book doesn’t really talk about Aibileen’s symbols or anything. But, the apron describes her best.

End Of Term 1 Blog Post

This term when I read The Help, I did not finish it. I read 263 pages, and have about 200 left. I really enjoyed the book, it was in my range and interesting as well. The vocabulary didn’t confuse me, everything pretty much made sense. I definitely felt really rushed and didn’t feel like I have enough time. I guess reading after-school and in free class time would’ve let me finish faster and not make it so difficult as it is now. Focusing and not goofing off would’ve made me have a good great in English. Since I currently don’t. I’m way behind, so the absences weren’t good. It was hard because we had to do in class blogs, finish a book of about 300 pages and make a book report project. What I would change about this term is focusing on my assignments in class and finishing what I didn’t at home, I will try that next term and see if it is better.

The blog posts were okay, I didn’t hate or like them. It wasn’t that hard but others sorta were. I didn’t really get why we had to make blog posts, how it would help us get anything. The only hard part was getting work in, like making the book report, more and more blogs and finishing the book on time. But I guess it would help us kinda learn that over the years, stuff get harder and harder to prepare you for bigger things, high school.  Blogs, were enough for a book report, they pretty much described the book in all the different blog posts. I would like if we didn’t do them and sorta like them. So yea, it was kinda good with the blog posts.

Uh, I did not complete my book report. I am pretty much almost finished with it and need a few details on. I guess it’s okay, I hope it’s fine. I would do some of the things the same, not all. I would start over Term 1, it wasn’t my best and I would try harder if I could have the chance of restarting.


The main character of “The Help” is Aibileen Clark, the African-American maid for the Leefolt household.  Aibileen is the major character, a narrates her journey in being a maid that doesn’t really have many rights. She has to use separate stuff, like different bathrooms, silver wares and dishes. She cleans, cooks and watches over their 2 year old daughter named “Mae Mobley”.

The side-kick is Aibileen’s bestfriend, Minny, she is also an African-American maid but works for another family. Minny has been fired from 19 jobs, because she tells her bosses what she really thinks of them. That lead to 19 jobs lost. Minny is a side-kick because she is always there for Aibileen, they are there for eachother helping them choose the right decisions.

The antagonist in this book is Miss Leefolt, she doesn’t have much interest in  Aibileen, because she is too busy using the sewing machine. Therefore, she makes Aibileen do all the house work including babysitting Mae Mobely.

There really isn’t a nemesis in this book, but there are Miss Leefolt’s friends, Miss Hilly Holbrooks, Miss Skeeter Phelan, and Miss Holbrooks’ mom, Miss Walters.

Favorite Book

My favorite book is “13 Reasons Why”. Before I start this, I should let people that want to read this book know that this book contains very serious stuff and isn’t suitable for some people who can’t deal the though of bullying or suicide. So this book is only for people who can read about that, people who’ve been in a situation like this, as a bully or the victim getting bullied. It explains Hannah Bakers life in tapes, each reason is a person whose done something to possibly end her life, humiliate her or by bullying her. Each tape has a side that you have to flip over to hear the other side of the story. She narrates the stories and sends a visual of what it was like. Clay Jensen has the tapes and he’s listening to them, he feels sorry and like if it’s all his fault.This book has 288 pages and it’s Young Adult Fiction.