Favorite Book

My favorite book is “13 Reasons Why”. Before I start this, I should let people that want to read this book know that this book contains very serious stuff and isn’t suitable for some people who can’t deal the though of bullying or suicide. So this book is only for people who can read about that, people who’ve been in a situation like this, as a bully or the victim getting bullied. It explains Hannah Bakers life in tapes, each reason is a person whose done something to possibly end her life, humiliate her or by bullying her. Each tape has a side that you have to flip over to hear the other side of the story. She narrates the stories and sends a visual of what it was like. Clay Jensen has the tapes and he’s listening to them, he feels sorry and like if it’s all his fault.This book has 288 pages and it’s Young Adult Fiction.

Book Setting

The location of the book “The Help” is in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960’s. “The Help” is Historical Fiction. It’s still in the time where they had separate bathrooms for whites and people of colors. The colored people worked for whites in this time and didn’t have many rights. The 60’s is about the peace and trying to come together, but it’s not in that setting yet.

It’s about Autumn and slowly getting to the Winter time. So about September/October, slow winds and time going by slowly, not too fast. All slow.

The climate seems to have warm winds and leaves falling down. The mood is a little serious, your energy power goes down along with the seasons and as they change. Her mood is quite serious, she doesn’t like the fact that she has to get a separate bathroom and not get to share one with the people he works for.

About Me

My name is Yemily Pedraza, and I love swimming and dance. My favorite type of dance is Ballet. I was born in Provo, Utah and raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I also enjoy traveling. I’ve been to Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. My favorite book is “13 Reasons Why” and my favorite book genre is Realistic and Historical Fiction. My favorite movies are: “It” and “Mean Girls“. My favorite music genre is R&B and Rap, my favorite artists are The Weeknd, Trippie Redd, XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi Vert, Ski Mask The Slump God and Lil Pump. My favorite color is black, and white.

Parent Teacher Conference

Dear Mom,

The book I am currently reading in my English class is “The Help”, and I am on page 47. That is the book I read during silent class reading time, I read about 95% of the time. I read about 10 pages in that reading time period. And I would have to read about 23 pages each day to finish it on time.

In this class, I don’t really talk to people. I also don’t get distracted or bothered or anything because everyone is on task working on their assignment. The entire class is very good, they rarely do stuff to annoy others. But I am willing to help others if they need help with anything.

I am really behind on everything in this class, and I’m working on turning those things in. I do a fantastic job on reading but really need to work on my blogs. Here is a link to get to my blog about “The Help”.

Declaring My Book

The book I am reading is called “The Help“. The reason I chose this book is because of where it takes place, Jackson, Mississippi in 1962 a black maid telling her life working for white people. What attracted me to the book is that the description of the book, the main character, Aibileen, takes their orders without making it obvious that she really doesn’t want to. I asked a friend if she recommended any good books and she pulled it out of her locker.

The author of the book is Kathryn Stockett Kathryn is divorced and has a daughter She is known from her 2009 book “The Help”. She was born in 1969 and was born in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S., she’d be about 48. “The Help” took her 5 years to finish and was rejected by 60 literary agents before she was represented by Susan Ramer. 2 books alike to this one are “Under Heavens Shining Stars” and “The Secret Life of Lula Darling”. They are similar because they are all Historical Fiction, that’s what I like in the book. Aibileen narrates her life working for Americans and all the racism problems she faces everyday, she’s a brave person and isn’t scared of telling people what’s wrong and right.   Here’s the link to her website. 

Class Update:

In the past few days in English, we have learned how to label central ideas, supporting details and topics. Like writing essays, that stuff. We have read many articles of history, argumentative, and also real stuff. We’ve read about The Attack of 9/11, how dangerous it really is on Mars and why people would want to live there, and we have read historical ones like how cursive writing is becoming useless in many states and not taught in many schools. It’s really easy and very interesting to know. What have you learned in your English class today?

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