January 12


Well, in one respect today was almost entirely unproductive. In another respect it was super awesome!

I started out trying to start research on my rather vague idea for a project and I guess I made a little progress. I learned that there are, in fact, studies about how music and personality are related. I know! Isn’t that amazing! Someone studied that before! I can’t read at least half of them without paying for them, but I’m sure that they are very deep and thoughtful. The one that I did actually get to read talked about how your music preference is related to your empathy. That is about all that I got out of it so far…

But the thing that I actually learned today was that I should do a different project! I just wasn’t passionate enough for just reading some articles about brains, so now I am going to try something else.

My plan is to combine my passions and write, direct, film, edit, and play and compose music for a short movie. We will see how it goes. 🙂

Oh, and next time I hope to research filming techniques and camera angles as well as movie composition. I might also find the software I need to compose the background music.

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