May 23

SIPS #8 (In Retrospect)

Well, I missed posting on this day because of my fantastic inability to keep track of time. I was composing my background music for my film. I admit it didn’t go perfectly, but I think I made some progress. I created one of my repeating themes that I would later use in the actual soundtrack. And, aside from the frustration of some struggles in composing more than a few lines, I rather enjoyed it.

Speaking of enjoying things, SIPS has been for the most part pretty great. It was super cool to make something that I could share and be proud of. I think it would have been 100% enjoyable if I had managed my time better, but I admit that my procrastination led to some stress and frustration. Basically, it was great up until 1 o’clock in the morning the Sunday before it was due, when I was still recording my music. It isn’t quite so great to spend 9 hours in one day trying to accomplish one segment of your project. Don’t do it kids. Spread it out, you will love it.

I guess that also covers the advice I would give. Chose a project you will enjoy. Aim high, if you miss you will still create something great. Don’t procrastinate, because having no time will not make you happy in the end. And relax. Whatever happens, it’s okay. Your project won’t be perfect. I know mine wasn’t. But that’s okay, because you still made something. You still accomplished and learned something. And that makes it great.

So ya! Go SIPS! Yay!

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