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Im a big kid now!

This year my goal was to change the way I approached school and homework and not stress out my parents.  I feel like it was mostly the same and it was super stressful and my parents were really stressed with my homework and class load.  But then the Corona virus came and school got out and it made everything different.  I realized that doing online school was better for me and I have gotten my grades up higher than sitting in a boring classroom.  My parents have been way less stressed and we changed my schooling next year to mostly online school.  So I am relieved about that so I can have more down time and hang out with my friends and play Rocket League.  It was stressful finding the solution to school but I feel like I found a better solution for next year.

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Considering things from his or hers point of view

I chose to write about Mayella Ewell. Mayella Ewell lives behind the garbage dump. Her and her dad are dirty, uneducated, mean, loud, white trash people. She is in a trial for being attacked, but when she gets to tell her story to the judge all the details were out of place. She is in a tough spot because she is being questioned and is protecting her dad and her self. Her dad gave her a look so she would not put any evidence on her dad so he doesn’t go to jail or get killed. Because of her a innocent black mans life is on the line.



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What is my code The limits of empathy

I treat people how I want to be treated. I believe that everyone should treat people how they want to be treated. I like to treat people with respect and understanding so they can like me so we can be friends. I live by my parent , rules some of them are super dumb,` but because of the corona I can be more free to do what ever I want to do like sleep in and play soccer out side.  My code is from a TV show called psych and the code is, “Don’t Be The Tender Sweetness Of A Sea Sick Crocodile”. another code I live by is ” Just because you put syrup on it don’t make it a pancake”.

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Things have a way of settling down

The worst thing about the coronavirus is that I cant see any friend and it sucks. The earthquake was cool but I didn’t feel it because I was fricken sleeping, so it was super dumb because I didn’t feel it. I was super happy when school got canceled, I was super excited because I could sleep I when ever I want and could do my homework when ever I wanted to. I think that the dumb coronavirus will blow over in about a month or two, everything will go back to normal and I think in about a year we will all forget about the coronavirus. My kids will ask me this and I will say it was the most pointless thing ever and they shut down every thing in the world.


Good stuff from to kill a mockingbird

So far I love to kill a mockingbird its such a good book. The book says on chapter 22 page 242 “It aint right Atticus said Jem No son, Its not right we walked home I liked this one because it super short but has a lot of meaning to it. what do you guys think of to kill a mockingbird so I like it I think im going to be really sad when we finish to kill a mockingbird. I’ve had a lot of fun reading to kill a mocking bird and I hope that your having just as much fun

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Harlem Poetry

I liked the Harlem Poem because it was really inspiring.  It made me feel kinda sad and happy at the same time.  I liked the complicated words that he used and how much power the poem has. Anohter thing i liked about the poem it was short and meaningful. I think the author was trying to make you think on what he was talking about, like when he said “what happens to a dream deferred” I think he was trying to make us think about what he ment about “what happens to a dream deferred” there was one thing about the peom that was kinda confusing ” maybe it sags like a heavy load”. It makes me want to follow my dreams and not defer them. I hope that you can enjoy it just as much as i did.

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strange fruit response

I liked the poem because it taught me the history on how black people. and it makes me sad because how they treated black people. where it says blood on the leaves and the blood at the roots makes me think racism in the south runs deap. i find it inhumaned and gross that they would leave the bodys for the crows to pluck. i hope that anyone that reads this will find simpathy for the way black people were treated back then. I couldnt imagen how there familys felt seen there loed ones hanging from the trees. i wouldnt be able to stand to see my family like that.


how i feel about to kill a mockingbird

Not gonna lie I like to kill a mockingbird. Its a really good book which teaches you about racism and holds your attention. The thing I took away from To kill a mockingbird is that racism isn’t ok, and how mistreated African American where back then. And how different it is from now and then. I think that the author did a really good job on the book and how much detail and well written it is. if I was talking to someone that hasn’t read this book before I would tell them to read it because I think the book is amazing and can inspire people to treat each other equally and not based on color of skin.



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How I’m Dealing With The Coronavirus

Not going to lie, I like the Coronavirus because I don’t have to go to school which I think is awesome. To keep my self busy I’ve been going outside and doing stuff out side and doing my school work online, which so far the online school thing has been really easy. For online school I was a little confused on how online school worked so I was a little behind, but I started to get used to it so my grades are looking a lot better. I’m not really nervous about the future because I know that we’re going to find a cure soon. I’ve been playing soccer to keep my self calm and productive. In conclusion, I think that the Coronavirus and helped us with the air pollution.


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Blind Spots

I think that Atticus is the only good man hes defending a black man while everyone else is trying to kill him or hang him. I’m so glad that Atticus is standing up to Tom Robinson because if I was in Atticuses shoes I would stand up to Tom Robinson too. If your trying to kill a black man because he is black you are not considered a good man at all because that’s mean and racist. Later in the book i hope that tom Robinson is free and doesn’t get kill or hanged so that’s why i think that Atticus is the only good man out there

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