What I’ve been reading

I was reading this book, that was called “The Hate U Give” also I didn’t get to finish it.  So far what I  got to read was good. I don’t know if I would finish it I only got to page 65. It was too long lol. I wouldn’t read it often that’s probably why I didn’t finish it.

What i’m doing right and what I can do better

The thing I’m doing good is turning my assignments in on time. Then I’m actually reading lol. Also I’m doing all work and yes I do talk a lot but I do everything what’s need to be done. I’m also looking forward to reading more  books that I’m in to and that they ain’t that long. This class is way more better than last year, Mr.Green explains things way better and helps me out when I need that help. My last year teacher didn’t even like me, she will get mad when me and Aaleena would talk. Then she wouldn’t help me as much.

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I can use figurative language.

My sister ah haha she was getting mad for no reason. She was being very directive, she was acting like she was my mom. Also at some point I was getting really mad and taking back to her. After a few minutes we started agruing. We started agruing back and forth and then my dad came down stairs and was trying to help us fix things and then my mom come down stairs as well so we knew it was getting serious. My parents doesn’t like it when we fight or agrue. Me and my sister didn’t talk after that all happen in that whole day but the next day we acted like nothing happened.

2095: What will the future be like?

I think in the future they would start having flying cars. Then I also think they would not really going to use the roads. There is gonna be way more econalgy in 2095. Everything is going to be so different and there’s probably gonna be earthquakes. The other thing I think there’s gonna be is those robots in the house like cleaning for the people and like making food for them as well. Then I think there’s going to be nicer’s houses around the world .

Who am I as a Writer?

My first time, it wasn’t that good but I’m getting better every time well that’s what I think lol.  I’m good when there’s easy topics to write about. I have hard working on when I don’t know what to write about. I want to get better on writing about anything and think about what I’m a write about because I take forever when I’m thinking what to write. I’m  capable of reading books. I literally have trouble on writing long story’s. My goal in the future is to start reading more books because I don’t read a lot of books.

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Small improvements and 1% Gains

Trying to go in the mornings and go for a run. Also try to go to soccer practice three times a week because like I just go for two times in a week, because I think if I go three times it will help me get better and not get tired fast how I get most of the times. Then for the runs in the mornings I think it will help me get fast, even though I’m pretty fast but I wanna get fast to be ready for my soccer games. I play soccer like everyday because I got soccer practice three times a week and and then my soccer games it takes up my whole week.

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