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Term 4

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For my new book I chose Steelheart in The Reckoners series.  I chose this book because it was recommended to me by my older sister who is a reading fanatic.  It is written by Brandon Sanderson which is also another reason I chose this book.  I can’t wait to read this book and from what I’ve read it’s already really good.

The reading level of my book is for grades 7-9.  The age rang is 12 and up with a whole 416 pages.  And since I know you want more valuable information the book with paperback is 12 ounces, which means you might have some extra fees on shipping if you decide to.

The book has received #1 New York Times Bestseller and the other is very famous in Utah.  They haven’t made a movie but that would be pretty cool if they did.  It also got the reward Best Youth Novel in the Whitney Awards in 2013.  There are 3 books in the series and they all look rad.

Reading Index

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I thought I did okay on the reading test and i’m fine with my score.  I have started to like reading more as long as it is a good book and not a trash one.  The reading test always feels as if it takes years.  I like books that you can easily understand and envision the place at the start of the book.  Other than that i’m excited for what new book I will read.

My book for term 3 was very interesting, yet easy to understand from the start.  The book report was pretty simple and straight to the point.  If I had the second book to the series I would probably be reading that right now.  Next term I want to get ‘The Reckoners’ series finished.

My plan for term 4 is read the book Steelheart i’m already about halfway through.  After I finish that book ill move on to the next book in the series.  I chose this book, because my older sister recommended it to me.  Nothing from the book report really changed my decision either.

Call to Adventure

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I usually wake and rush to make the bus because I prioritize sleep over listening to adults for 6 and 1/2 hours telling me what to do and assignments I need to complete.  I always eat breakfast, because if I don’t I am starving for the rest of the day and usually look bored to death.

My call to adventure is change I hate when everything is the same all the time it makes me feel I am wasting my life by not getting the most out of it.  I always want something to do that’s not the same thing I do every day.  I also want to experience new cultures and places.  Utah is great and all but I want to go somewhere different.

I think that focus is what is holding me back if I wanted to learn something I just need to focus.  Honestly I could probably do anything if I would just focus on it with no distraction, but i get distracted so easily.  So in a way I am my biggest obstacle.

My parents are probably my biggest supporters in anything I do, because I have taking on a lot of different hobbies they are always there.  Once I master a hobby I move onto the next one and it continues and everything I take on they are there no matter how crazy it is.


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Reader Response

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I found my own poem that I like because I didn’t like any of the other options.  The poem I chose is Living on the Edge by Shlok.  I appreciate this poem because it demonstrates the decisiveness to not just live life, but to live it with your own rules on your own terms.  This poem is similar to me in the way it states “life is nothing but living on the Edge”.  Which I always try to do when I have the opportunity to if I had the option between going to a football game with all my friends or going cliff jumping in a sketchy place you best believe I’m going cliff jumping in the sketchy place.  This alike my theme song because in my song it also says “Feels like we’re on the edge right now” which reminds me of “life is nothing but living on the Edge”.


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In my book, Divergent Beatrice is faced against an almost impossible challenge which is trying to survive and stay under the radar being divergent.  This book is man versus society.

The main conflict in the book is Tris Prior lives in a futuristic world in which society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. Tris chooses Dauntless — those who pursue bravery above all else. However, her initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Tris uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.

My favorite part of the book is when after they jump off of the roof into a big hole not knowing what is below them.  I like this part because Tris proves her bravery even though everyone doubts her.

Book Write #2

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The main character in Divergent is Beatrice who later goes on by Tris.  The minor is Tobias, because he is with Tris pretty much every step of the way.  The static characters are more like her friends because they are loyal and don’t change much.  Most all the characters in this book have a mix of good and bad characteristics.  The Protagonist is the Erudite which is a faction group but under the influence Jeanine the faction leader.  Everyone else wants things to stay the same however the Erudite want power so they kill all of the Abnegation through controlling the Dauntless with chips they injected in them.  The biggest challenge is what to do with the Erudite as they are trying to take over.  All of her friends are dependable but Tris always is trying to be the leader.

Main/Major – more important/move the plot

Minor – still important – not BIG

Static/Flat – characters don’t change, stereotypes, loyal

Dynamic/Round – mix of good and bad characteristics

Protagonist – want change

Antagonist – doesn’t want change

Nemesis – ultimate/unassailable foe

Sidekick – like sidekicks mostly static and dependable


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My book is Divergent and the setting takes place in city where it is divided by factions.  Some of those faction including Dauntless, Candor, Eurdite, Amity, and Abnegation are all separated.  The book focuses on the main character Beatrice, but later on goes by Tris.  She is born in the Abnegation faction but switches to Dauntless unexpectedly during the choosing ceremony.  The first book is mostly about the initiation to get into Dauntless but there is an unsuspecting twist at the end.

Dauntless is the hardest initiation to get through and many initiates go factionless and have to fend for themselves.  The Abnegation help the factionless with food so they can survive

Parent Teacher Conference

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Hola Papi,  in English i was reading the book Divergent but just finished it so now i’m reading the book Insurgent which is the next in the series.  During reading time i read 93.147589% of the time.  To finish the rest of the new book i’m on, i need to read 21.1666667 pages a day.

In glass i am a very respectful, and acknowledge other people.  I think talking is very distracting and should be frowned upon.

In English i have an amazing grade of 71.62%.  I plan on working hard in this class and someday a English major.


Zack Bryan Nielson.


Declaring My Book

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This term, I have scavenged the globe (aka Mrs. Phippens room) for the book of my dreams.  The book is Divergent and the author is well known Veronica Roth.  I persuaded into reading this book what finally got me to say okay was that New York Times bestseller James Dashner who happens to be the author of my favorite book i have read (also probably the only book i have read) Maze Runner left a comment on the back of the book saying “A captivation, fascinating book”.  Even though he was probably paid a full teachers wage in a year to write that comment which is free money, I have to take it into consideration.

This book is science fiction and have heard it will leave you grasping onto every page. Veronica Roth is mostly famous for this divergent trilogy including the books Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant which you can buy by clicking here.

Veronica Roth is 29 years old and was born in the year 1988 on August, 19 th.  She is 5’11 and is married to Nelson Fitch.  She was born in New York City and raised in Barrington,  Illinois.  Her mother Barbara Ross is a painter who resides in Barrington. She is the youngest of 3 children, and has sold more than 7 million copies in the U.



My Favorite Book

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Maze Runner is my favorite book because it draws you in and you just want to read it over and over again.  This book has action packed and full of amazing suspense that make you never want to stop reading for a full 375 pages. Another amazing feature is that this book has the perfect text that’s appealing to the eyes.  This book is directed towards teenagers 12-17 and it wont leave you disappointed.







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