Post #4 Story/Legend & Poem

Beauty can come in all different shapes and sizes. Some people think that are not the most beautiful. It takes a little kid to really see how beautiful you are. According to the monk children are the most beautiful people of all.

The article would use very descriptive words so that you can clearly see see and imagine what is going on. They used words like sprouted to explain hair that is growing. They used very good sentence fluxuation in which they had some long and some very short sentences.

The main idea is that you need to be comfortable with how much beauty you have Don’t let anyone make you think that you are not beautiful. The cultural thing that I think they want us to know is that it takes a lot to be counted as beautiful in Bhutan. You need to be able to be proud of what you have and feel like. result for bhutan short story about beauty

Post #3 News Article

The article was about Democracy and Politics in Bhutan. In it, it was talking about how it was trying to make the transition to getting a democracy. It also talks about the election process. The issue that it is trying to fix is how the country can run better. The impact that it has on us is that maybe in the future we can become allies with a new and improved Bhutan. statue of Lord Buddha at Kuensel Phodrang in Thimphu, Bhutan on May 20, 2012.

Post #2 Background Information

Bhutan has 750,000 people in it. The capital is Thimphu where the population is 114,551. Another major city is JaigonĀ  where the terrain is hilly and sloppy. The major language in Bhutan is Dzongkha. The main Religions in Bhutan is Buddhism and Hinduism. Some important dates are in 1958 slavery was abolished, and in 1971 Bhutan joins the United Nations. The currency of Bhutan is Ngultram. Another interesting fact is that Bhutan didn’t have a Television until 1999.

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Post #1 Introduction

I chose Bhutan because I had never heard of this country before, so I decided that it would be a cool country to find out some more about. I have no questions thus far.

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