Shakespeare should be read in schools, everywhere. Shakespeare wrote many challenging pieces of literature and I believe that we should teach them to students. These stories were written a long time ago and his grammar may be outdated but it’s like learning a new language, but easier. You can expand our vocabulary and learn how people talked back then. Shakespeare wrote about different minorities in a non condescending way. He made them lively and challenged the views of others. Although the stories aren’t that relatable, the emotions and feelings are timeless. Just because something is challenging and different doesn’t mean we should push it away, we should learn from it. Shakespeare is a great example to use.

Everything I know or Think I know About Shakespeare

I don’t know much about him except that he’s popular. I’ve seen a few Shakespeare plays at the BYU theater, and I enjoyed all of them. I’ve only read a few Shakespeare plays one being Romeo and Juliet and I really like his work. His themes are very cliche but he doesn’t keep the cliche writing, he has dark twists and jokes. Sometimes you have to read a play twice to get all the things he says, but the more I read it, the more I find. I know I’ll enjoy my time reading Shakespeare and I hope to find things I hadn’t noticed before.

How I will Dominate During Term 4

I’ve always had a little bit of struggle in school, I’ll get good grades on tests but I never turn in my assignments. I’ve worked harder this year and pushed myself to get work done, best term I’ve ever had. I want to make sure I can keep a roll on with my assignments and get better at remembering to just do them. Another goal of mine sounds kinda weird is to expand my vocabulary, I can’t spell for the life of me I want to get better at talking and learning what new words mean, and how to spell those words. I think if I can continue turning in assignments and work better at turning them in, on, time, I got this.

How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

I was excited to hear that we were going to be reading To Kill a Mocking bird in class. It’s been a book I’ve wanted to read but never got around to. I was content with the book itself but I believe it is a over hype. I enjoyed the story that Harper Lee captures, to write a book about a small town is something you have to make interesting. The book really opened my eyes and made me think about allot of different ideas and the way history was. On the contrary I actually would go and say Harper Lee is a boring writer, she spends a whole page describing the movement of ones handshake and distracts from the book and makes me drowsy. I doubt I have enough patience to read that book again, but I recommend others to give it a try.

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

“Don’t fool yourselves–it’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it” (252). I really like this quote that is said by him. It’s surprising that he says that in his time and place. Its a powerful quote and Atticus knows the truth. Most people wouldn’t think about saying that but I feel at this point Atticus knows how he is viewed by people and he doesn’t care. Atticus knows where he stands with his beliefs and to him that’s what matters. He was right as well, things are starting to add up, you can’t be ignorant, racist, forever. Times are changing and even back then Harper Lee (or Atticus) knew that.

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An Authority on Courage and Integrity

( my friend Sara )

I honestly don’t think of it as courage, just the right thing to do. You need to look at this from both sides deciding whats the best option. People are gonna be affected, some people are gonna be mad at you and some and going to be overly content with your decision. It’s your choice to do whats right. It’s really not that hard though, because you know the right choice. You need to stop worrying about what you’d lose because what you earn will be of much greater value. If you don’t make the choice you know is right you’re going to waste the rest of your time wishing things were different.


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Blind Spots

I do not think Mr.Cunningham is a good man. Even though hes a nice guy with a poor family it does not defend his actions. Mr.Cunningham was going to murder an innocent man because he was black. Being a nice neighbor does not give you the pass to kill another person. I feel like Atticus was going easy on him for the kids sake. He was in the wrong in every way, not only was it him going to kill Tom, but a mob following. His actions were purely racist and that should not be forgiven. Mr.Cunningham can change his actions to become a better person but he is not in the right.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

In to kill a Mocking Bird Atticus tells scout to climb into someone else’s skin before making a judgment on them. Now Atticus isn’t saying don’t make judgments, he’s saying you need to think about the person and their life before assuming reasoning for their behavior. Thinking about someone else’s perspective is something I don’t think we do allot. I, and people I know don’t always stop and think about another persons thoughts and opinions. If people took a step back to think about what someone else is going through I think our decisions would be more thoughtful, and appeased.

Beliefs and Actions

Our beliefs are something that are unique and special. Beliefs are what make us who we are, and make us different from others. People are viewed in different lights because of their beliefs,  in either a good or bad way. Having these different beliefs can bring people together and tear others apart. Other beliefs is something that is personal and shapes their decisions in life. I think a lot of our beliefs come from family and social media, seeing the choices your family members make can change your belief on certain topics. Hearing other out expands your belief, and makes us unique from one another.

The End Is Half Way Upon Us

I am pretty proud of this year so far near the end I had a little bit of a struggle but I was able to get past that and get my work done. I have given all my work the best effort I could get. Next semester I need to work on turning things in on time, I was able to do online assignments day of but after school my mind goes blank. Reading after school isn’t hard for me, I read mostly right after school to clear my mind. My goal was to get all my work turned in, and I turned it in! It was a little late, but I did it.

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