Hatred is a very strong feeling and emotion many people feel towards something/someone. In Romeo and Juliet I believe that their families hatred is so strong because of one thing in the past, whether it was something small or huge we do not know. Since hatred is such a strong feeling and the people around you know of it, it’s hard to let go. Change is something that can be scary to most people, what happens if I forgive them? Will someone hate me for not hating them? I use to hate someone for the way they treated people around them. They were mean to their family, to their friends, and to me. I thought that hating them was a way to mask the hurt they caused me but I realized all it did was press me down. Hating someone, especially an ex, won’t help your situation. I learned that forgetting, maybe not forgiving, but definitely forgetting about someone who caused you so much harm, you believed you hated them was not moving on.

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