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An Authority on Courage and Integrity

( my friend Sara )

I honestly don’t think of it as courage, just the right thing to do. You need to look at this from both sides deciding whats the best option. People are gonna be affected, some people are gonna be mad at you and some and going to be overly content with your decision. It’s your choice to do whats right. It’s really not that hard though, because you know the right choice. You need to stop worrying about what you’d lose because what you earn will be of much greater value. If you don’t make the choice you know is right you’re going to waste the rest of your time wishing things were different.


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Blind Spots

I do not think Mr.Cunningham is a good man. Even though hes a nice guy with a poor family it does not defend his actions. Mr.Cunningham was going to murder an innocent man because he was black. Being a nice neighbor does not give you the pass to kill another person. I feel like Atticus was going easy on him for the kids sake. He was in the wrong in every way, not only was it him going to kill Tom, but a mob following. His actions were purely racist and that should not be forgiven. Mr.Cunningham can change his actions to become a better person but he is not in the right.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

In to kill a Mocking Bird Atticus tells scout to climb into someone else’s skin before making a judgment on them. Now Atticus isn’t saying don’t make judgments, he’s saying you need to think about the person and their life before assuming reasoning for their behavior. Thinking about someone else’s perspective is something I don’t think we do allot. I, and people I know don’t always stop and think about another persons thoughts and opinions. If people took a step back to think about what someone else is going through I think our decisions would be more thoughtful, and appeased.

Beliefs and Actions

Our beliefs are something that are unique and special. Beliefs are what make us who we are, and make us different from others. People are viewed in different lights because of their beliefs,  in either a good or bad way. Having these different beliefs can bring people together and tear others apart. Other beliefs is something that is personal and shapes their decisions in life. I think a lot of our beliefs come from family and social media, seeing the choices your family members make can change your belief on certain topics. Hearing other out expands your belief, and makes us unique from one another.

The End Is Half Way Upon Us

I am pretty proud of this year so far near the end I had a little bit of a struggle but I was able to get past that and get my work done. I have given all my work the best effort I could get. Next semester I need to work on turning things in on time, I was able to do online assignments day of but after school my mind goes blank. Reading after school isn’t hard for me, I read mostly right after school to clear my mind. My goal was to get all my work turned in, and I turned it in! It was a little late, but I did it.

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The Sticky Issue of Equality

Equality, to be truly equal. Equality is treating people as an equal, no matter race, or gender, we should be treated as one. To be treated equally is to be treated the same way as someone else. Separation has controlled us for  so long, and recognizing it helps to stop it. Equality is helping someone in need instead of judging them by appearance. Giving equality is to give the same opportunities to everyone. Treating everyone equally isn’t as easy as it sounds, giving the same job chance to everyone is hard. Appearance isn’t something to be judged.

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1% Gain

An improvement in my life i’d like to make is getting work done. The 1% will be time, making a checklist. Having a checklist I write throughout the day so in my free time I can review it. I’ll be able to see things I didn’t get done that day and work on improving those things the next day. Practicing the checklist will make work much easier, especially in the long run. If I can learn to manage my time well right now then in the future i’ll be far more prepared and ready for more. Having a checklist will help me remember my assignments, my chores, any plans I have to be prepared for. If I start now my grades will go up as I can spend more time on that. Good grades will lead to a good college to get education, having a happier and more successful life.


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Literature Review

The story of a cult was a fairly well written story. I liked the plot of this girl named Effy being put into a cult by her mother.  The author makes it clear that Effy hates her cult leader and is not happy with her life. Through the way Effy befriends Hartley, you view Hartley as the real savior whilst reading the story. They become closer to each other and plot a way to escape the cult. Some references felt dry but the choice of words were hooking. If you are interested in plot twists, betrayal, and connecting to the characters, I recommend this book to you. I might read again, with someone else, a finally rating would be around a 7/10.

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Tell Me About It

Sort of ironically, English has been a lot on my mind lately. I always feel as if I have a constant river of thoughts and stories going through my mind. Lately nothing has been going on though. My mind has been completely blank, my creativity has vanished. I can’t seem to think of any stories to write, no character names, nor plot. I’m struggling to get my assignment done since I have no ideas. I’ve tried looking up ideas but everything so bland, and not me. I try not get such melancholy thoughts, but I feel as though my creativity is lost.

What I’m Reading

I have currently been reading The Martian Chronicles. I chose this book because one of his stories we read in class, There will come soft rains. I enjoy the way Ray Bradbury words everything they write, this book was written with a creative mind. The book has definitely exceeded my expectation, its a hooking book with separate stories. I honestly have no complaints about this book, its well written. Every story is about a civilization on mars going through different time periods. The book creates images and shows a deeper meaning in his stories. Its enjoyable to analyze the stories as you read. I think any open minded reader should check out this book.

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