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love moderately

Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo that if he loves way to much he’s going to get sick of it eventually. Friar Lawrence doesn’t wan’t Romeo or Juliet to get hurt (!!!) or regret what their doing in the… Continue Reading →


Some people might have just been taught to hate certain things or people. For example, i hate camping because my dad hates camping and he just taught us to always hate it. this can be seen as ┬áirrational because my… Continue Reading →

should schools still teach shakespeare?

yes, i think its important to learn and read about shakespeare but i also think it shouldn’t be the only think taught. there are more modern things that can be important to read and sometimes older books get boring. but… Continue Reading →

what i learned about people

    i actually really liked this assignment because it lets you get to know someone you wouldn’t have really known otherwise. it also helps you get a feel of who people wanna be and gives you a different perspective… Continue Reading →

work will work when wishy washy wishing will not

when the year started i wanted to quickly and easily write/type and essay, and to not procrastinate and get all my work done on time. With the essay’s I’ve been better at understanding what to write about and what thoughts… Continue Reading →

gooood stuff

“If there’s just one kind of folks, why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?” – Jem. I picked this quote because it made… Continue Reading →

Blog post: An Authority on Courage- J.K Rowling

I read lots of books and there are lots of characters that the author makes couragous. but in real life the person that pops into my head once i think of courage is J.K Rowling. I also think of something… Continue Reading →

to kill a mockingbird~so far

from what I’ve read i have liked it. I haven’t been here in a while so i’m a little behind. But i like the characters and how they each have their own unique personality going on and how they (especially… Continue Reading →

climbing into other people’s skin

Atticus is telling Scout this because it’s important. Miss Caroline is new, and she doesn’t know they ways their so it must be a hard for her and it was important for Scout to understand that. It will help her… Continue Reading →


empathy is being able to share and express your feelings with someone else, understanding where their coming from and you end up doing the same thing they are doing. I think empathy is important because i feel like a lot… Continue Reading →

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