How I Did Last Term

Last term was okay for me but it think i could have done better, What I had the most problems with was the studying because i have 7 other classes to study for and sometimes when there was a test in here i would have a diferent test in another class and sometimes it got really over welming. things i did really well on were the short stories because im always thinking of a new story i could write and then my stories get long because i keep adding on as i go. something i will be working on or a goal is to get at least a B in here at the end of the term.

How Autors Make You feel

Authors can make us feel happy,sad,angry,and cunfused. How they do it is all about how they write, some authors are really good at making us feel sad but aren’t as good at making us happy other authors are the other way around. an author can make you feel happy by adding happy words like laugh, smile, and joyous in the book to make us feel happy for the main person in the story. an author can make us feel sad by adding words like frown,crying,and sometimes they have the person looking down. and lastly the author can make us angry by killing your favirote person in the story,or bringing back to life you least favirote person.

What kind of writer am I?

We’ve all been writing for a long time but not all of us are good writers which is okay¬† I myself am an ok writer there are lots of people who are better at writing than me. All the articals we’ve writen this year have helped me become a better writer, My strengths as a writer are probably short storys or free writing because i feel like i can be myself and tell everyone how im feeling in the storys that i tell or write,my weeknesses are informative essays because i feel like im in a box that i have to think in so that makes me feel like i cant be myself and i cant think out side the box,the things that i need to work on are essays in general because again the inside the box thing and i think it will help me later in life when i do more writing .