Tell me about it

okay so things haven’t been too great this week but i’m pulling through, some things that are on my mind are my bully, My brothers birthday party, and all of the fun things that have been going on lately. first my bully, I wont tell you the name of the guy but that’s why I have been having a hard time coming to school, second my brothers birthday party, his party was amazing he got picked up from school by a bunch of the mascots from Utah state, and then after that he got to ride in McLaren all the way to draper where we went to all star lanes where we did bumper cars laser tag and an arcade it was amazing so much fun and Xander (my brother) loved it.

Who am i as a reader

As a reader i am a deep thinker. i injoy reading and its what i would like to do in most of my free time. At the moment i am reading “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children”  and im really close to finishing it and it just keeps getting better and better im exited to see how it ends but Mr green dosent have the second book so i have to  find it somewhere else which is fine. but other then that book i also read a lot of Mrs piggle wiggle to my siblings because the books have a lot of good stories and ive been reading the stories since i was a little kid and ive loved them ever since.