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okay so things haven’t been too great this week but i’m pulling through, some things that are on my mind are my bully, My brothers birthday party, and all of the fun things that have been going on lately. first my bully, I wont tell you the name of the guy but that’s why I have been having a hard time coming to school, second my brothers birthday party, his party was amazing he got picked up from school by a bunch of the mascots from Utah state, and then after that he got to ride in McLaren all the way to draper where we went to all star lanes where we did bumper cars laser tag and an arcade it was amazing so much fun and Xander (my brother) loved it.

2 thoughts on “Tell me about it”

  1. Xander is a freaking awesome name. Sorry I don’t know you and this is really random but the birthday party sounded fun. Xander is a name of a main character in the Matched series by Ally Condie.

    1. Hey yeah i dont know you either but yeah the birthday was a lot of fun! you should totally tell me about the matched series ive been wanting to read it for a while

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