I’m A Big Kid Now

So… I guess im a big kid i guess… Im going into 10th grade and i guess im exited *cough* *cough* not really… ive grown somewhat this year i mean ive grown as a person like ive gotten happier and more ready for everything thats going to happen i guess… if im being honest i dont really want to be typing right now… last blog post though! yay! fun! i cant type anymore… bye, bye! heres a creepy picture… ;))))

Secret Secrets Are No Fun;Secret Secrets hurt someone

All righty then… Secrets. Some can be good, But most are bad. I dont exactly know why other people keep secrets but I know why I keep them. I bet some people keep secrets because they’ve run out of people to trust. or maybe they have a hard time opening up to people. I’ve had some bad experences with secrets, like the time I told my best friend who I liked and they told the guy and then the guy came up to me and told me that I was a fat, ugly, *****, sooooo yeah… havent had the best luck with that… thats part of the reson I keep secrets today but its also because people are hard to trust these days… I dont know….

Love moderatly

Love. Love is one of the strongest words in the english language. In the book Romeo and Juliet, Frier Lawrence marries Romeo and Juliet and Romeo takes it WAY far by saying things like “I dont care if we die after! at least we’re together.” which is in my opinon really kinda dumb of him… Frier Lawrence bacicly tells him to chillllll which Romeo hears and yeets out the window. i dont know too many people like him because we’re in junior high… but i know people who get into relashionships and dont care about their “patner” and cheat on them… yeah thats it… im not naming names.


Hatred. Hatred is something we can all feel sometimes, we kinda need it. not everyone hates a person but they can hate things like sertan tv shows or books. i guess i “hate” someone right now… im not sure why people hate but my theroy would be maybe that the person they hate is someone who did something to them that they cant forgive at the moment. the person i hate is one of the bullies of my sister,Magi, shes been saying that shes a lier and telling her best friend that shes a bad friend… things like that cab hurt me but thats okay, ill get over it eventually. everyone can stop hating someone and its actually fairly easy, you just have to forgive them for what they did… its not too too easy but it works.