About me page

Hi my name is Zoie Z Zufelt, I was born on oct 9th 2003, i am currently 15 years old and I have 4 siblings, Magi,Xander,Zailee,and Carley. my parents names are Carman and Justin Zufelt. My family is origanally from france and wails, so i speak a little bit of french and german and welsh. The summer before 9th grade i fell off a tree and i toor a whole in my leg and now i have a scar on my leg, the scar is about 3 inches long. The summer of 2012 or 2013 me and my family went to florida as part of a Make a Wish that Xander did, we went to Give Kids the World were we got to go to Lego Land,Disney World, and Epcot. Thats all there is to know about me,Thanks for reading!

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