What kind of writer am I?

We’ve all been writing for a long time but not all of us are good writers which is okay  I myself am an ok writer there are lots of people who are better at writing than me. All the articals we’ve writen this year have helped me become a better writer, My strengths as a writer are probably short storys or free writing because i feel like i can be myself and tell everyone how im feeling in the storys that i tell or write,my weeknesses are informative essays because i feel like im in a box that i have to think in so that makes me feel like i cant be myself and i cant think out side the box,the things that i need to work on are essays in general because again the inside the box thing and i think it will help me later in life when i do more writing .

Term 4 Blog Post

my book is called things i cant forget and the main character name is kate and she got a summer job at her summer camp that she went to when she was younger.i chose this book because iv been reading the series and i really like it because its sport and romance all in one book and to me that realy got my attention.

it is a young adult book that so far i good. the things i know about the book so far is that she is at camp and they all try to get to know each other by  playing so games and thats when she meets one of the guys that she went to camp with when she was a camper there his name is matt and through out the whole 2 day that iv read they are getting along and they both seem to like each other.and i also know that kate is 17 and so is matt.

Blog Update

i choose this book called catching jordan i choose this book because it was the second book of the book steeling parker i got into that one from the online alpine library. when i found it it sounded intresting so i startsed it and i found it more and more interesting i finaly finished it and i had to start the next book. so i have and that will be my next book.


the person who wrote my book is miranda kenneally. in my opinion she is the best awthor that i have ever read the books for. she is the author that i think i will always be interested in even when i am an adult.


the reading level of my book is young adult. i injoy reading thouse kids of books because they help me realize that i can read things that some people cant read and it makes me feel stronger as a person.

song of my self (response)

i liked “the anthem of awesome” the most because it talks about how you can be your self and it is relly inspiring to me and i think that people who are felling down should read this to help them fell better about them self that would realy help i think

End of term 1

It took me about 10 days to finish my book (staying up till 1:30)i felt rushed a little bit because of how long we had to finish the book we chose and i also chose a book a little late.it helped a little to choose a book that i liked because it made it easier to focus on the book instead of focusing on getting it over and done with.i would change when i choose my book

Knowing what i have already done was easier about having a blog.keeping up on the blog posts was the hardest about having a blog.looking up people would be easier on the blog site.


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