The story I enjoyed the most or dislike least

the story i enjoyed the most was the story about the dog and how died from the bomb. I enjoyed it because it was really suspenseful, and interesting. Like how there was no people around and how a dog just came out of no where and then died from a bomb. The bomb ruined the whole city, it was bad, and then the bomb went off and the dog died, everything went silent after a loud “boom”. If that was me I would be scared. Anyways the story was so good it made me want to keep reading and I hate reading, it was good.

Suspense and word choice

Dora and boots, got into an argument and that caused them to dislike each other, they started to distance them self from each other, it was like losing a loved one. After that Diego and Dora started having problems and they would hardly talk even though they were married (they are NOT cousins). Anyways after that they finally decided that they should get a divorce because there relationship wasn’t working out. Dora felt sad… it was like losing her mother she said, it was said. Anyways they stayed friends so that nothing bad happen, she felt like she couldn’t be away from him.


The good stuff

I’m thankful for a lot of things, even if it doesn’t show. I am thankful for my grandma for taking care of me when my mom couldn’t, I am thankful for the roof being put over my head, I am thankful for the clothing i am able to have and get, I am thankful for the money that is worked for, I am thankful for my mom for being a single parent and trying her hardest, I am very thankful for my siblings… they mean the absolute world to me and  wouldn’t be who I am today without them, I am thankful for all my family, I am also thankful for my friends who have stuck by my side and haven’t switched up, I am thankful for my best friend for always making sure i’m okay and just always being here for me, I am thankful for an education and school, I am very thankful for everything i receive even if it’s not needed.

Everybody was finally euqal

people think it’s unfair when people have more money and stuff but really it’s just harder on them because they have to pay more taxes.

I feel like a way we try to hold people back is like when there is a smarter kid in class or he/she does better then others we don’t in courage them no more we try to make them feel bad about them self because they’re doing good and we’re not. When someone does better we should in courage them or compliment them instead of making them feel alone and stupid for actually doing good.

What’s On Your Mind ?

Something that’s on my mind is basketball try outs. There on Monday and Tuesday and i’m like scared and stressed you know? like i’m honestly debating weather or not i’m going to even try out, because I lose my motivation, like i’ll want to then i’ll over think and not want to no more.  Like i don’t even understand what i’m talking about right now, but you get it. Another thing on my mind is school, i’m doing good in all my classes except two and I hate them, like i really can’t stand the classes, i’m just really bad at one and the other I just don’t care about even tho I should, I also should be more responsible with school but like I don’t care.

What’s This Got To Do With Me

I feel like how I would apply this story to myself is when I do something but then blame it on someone else and make it look reasonable, because in my story this lady kills her husband with a lamb leg but then goes out and does stuff to make it reasonable that she didn’t so nothing, and she got away with it too. With me if I do something and I know i’m going to get in trouble but I do it anyways… I’ll blame my siblings or something. One time I threw ball in my house and it hit a vase and it broke, my grandma got mad and I was scared so I acted like I didn’t even know what was happening and I acted shocked even tho I knew exactly what happen. The way I covered it was by saying I was doing homework and listening to music, and that I didn’t even hear it break.

Free! Body and soul free!.

I feel like things that can make people now days feel trapped is depression, anxiety, school, parents, people, thoughts. The reason I feel like anxiety and depression make people feel trapped is because when you depressed you’re in the hole of sadness that you can’t seem to get out of because you feel trapped inside. Why i feel like school makes some people feel trapped is because some people don’t like coming to school because of people and maybe depression, but sense they HAVE to it’s like they’re trapped. I also think that parents is another reason that people may feel trapped now days because some people have strict parents and they aren’t allowed to do anything so they may feel trapped and alone. Lastly I feel like thoughts is another thing that makes people feel trapped because when you’re stuck with your thought, (bad or good) it’s really hard to escape them, so people would be feeling trapped in they’re thoughts. What I think it means to be “Free! Body and soul free!” is like were you don’t feel trapped at all, your mind is clear and you have no worries or anything, you just feel free, so that’s why it says “Body and soul” because you just feel free.

1st term business

I feel like 1st term was good for me, I did all my work and I understood basically everything. I was actually caught up in English this year and it just felt good to be successful in one of the subjects I usually have trouble in. I feel like Mr. Green has helped me a lot in understanding. I feel like I actually know what i’m doing, and it’s better for me. Anyways I think 1st term was good.

How I Feel About The Veldt.

This story I read was good, but it could also be confusing at times. The story started by basically talking about the nursery and how they wanted it to look, and how big they wanted it. It also talked about how they lived a happy life and they had a nice house, because they spent a lot of money on it. The main character I think was George Hadley, he was the main one talking, and involved. The thing that got confusing was because the story started to talk about animals coming, either i didn’t read right or that is the most random thing. I liked how they explain things a lot, I didn’t really dislike anything, besides the confusion.

What I’ve Been Reading.

What iv’e been reading is some book I forgot the name, but I returned it into the library today, I just wasn’t really interested in that book, it was boring, and I had no idea what was going on. I’ve also been reading, diary of a wimpy kid dog days, and I finished that today, it was good and funny. I was also reading this other Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book, but I haven’t finished. I feel like I have been using my reading time in an appropriate way, besides when I get side tracked and don’t know what i’m reading. Reading during class for the first 15 minutes has helped me, because you just get used to doing something  you don’t normally do, but reading is good for you, so it’s good that i’m getting used to it.