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 “For this term, I have chosen to read “The Candy Shop Wars” written by Brandon Mull. This book was published in 2007 by Shadow Mountain. I chose to read this book because my sister told me it was a good read. Also, I really like candy (who doesn’t). Oh, and I have to read a book for this assignment.

The Candy Shop WarBrandon Mull wrote my book. It was written in Utah throughout the 2000’s.  Brandon Mull also wrote “Fablehaven” and “Beyonders”.  He lives in Utah with his 4 children and his dog.

The basic plot is that 4 kids find magic candy given to them by the shop owner, who makes them do tasks for her in order for them to receive the candy.  I’m expecting that the kids will be intrigued by the magic candy and that they wont know what they are getting themselves into.  The conflict (I’m not exactly sure) but I think the kids are going to get themselves into some trouble regarding the magic. I think the Candy Shop owner is evil and that the kids will end up fighting her. The kids also have some bullies at school. I’m assuming that they are going to use the magic candy to get revenge on the bullies.

My book is 365 pages. I hope it will take me a little under a month to read. If I want to accomplish that goal, I will have to read about 15 pages a day.

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