Blog #7- Taking Pictures

In the story “Dear Martin,” there is a death of a charater so I thought that the flowers were a good symbol to represent their death. In the story it relates a lot to what Justyce has to deal with after Manny’s death. After Manny dies and more towards the end of the book, when Justyce goes to visit his grave it is there that he talks to Jared and they find commonality with each other. This event helps them both mourn the loss of Manny while also create a new friendhsip.

The picture of the American flag represents this idea throughout the whole book that their is this sense of injustice for certain people and races. Justyce has to deal a lot with this as he is stereotyped and judged for the color of his skin. This injustice is shown as he is helping his friend Melo, but than get’s arrested because the police officer thought that he was doing something he wasn’t.

And the last picture is a sign to register for Debate. In the book Justyce and SJ decide to debate about the racial unjustice at their Debate tournament. In the story both of their connection to debate brings this tie of something that both characters support.

As the story was wrapping up I feel like you could sense how it would end, while there still being a few things you didn’t see coming. But the conflict was solved in a way that explained all of it, and I really liked how Justyce was able to get the justice and healing that he deserved.

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