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  • I feel like after reading that book I was able to see what racial injustice actually looks like, so for me the song “What About Us”by Pink. It helped me see how Justyce’s character would have felt a sense of hopelessness while going up against a system built around him.
  • I really loved that the book helped you see through the character’s eyes as to what certain situations in real life would actually be like. I absolutely loved how real and raw it was because this is a very prominent problem in our society, and the book addressed it beautifully. With the soundtrack that we made I feel like we were able to embody many different characters and situations very well through those songs. It was interesting to try and pinpoint a certain moment and then tie a song to it.
  • The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was honestly Manny’s death, I felt a little naive as I didn’t see it coming but I understand why it had to happen. But that was one part that I read and instantly had to set my book down because it was so sad.
  • Manny’s death made me sad, and Justyce being blamed for things he didn’t do made me mad. I also felt mad when Justyce was in court and it almost felt like other people were forcing him to say things and twist them to fit what they needed to be.
  • After finishing the book I feel like I have a brand new perspective on people in general, and I am really glad that I read that book.

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