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A couple song that I knew I needed in my soundtrack for this project were, Five More Minutes by Scott McCeery, I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller, and I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. I loved everything about my book except for I wish I knew hat Laila felt like when she finally got home and if the Director went to jail. I also think that my soundtrack is really good and I really like it because there is not only one genre of music thrown into it, it kind of has a lot of different types of music, like sad songs, happy and uplifting ones, pop songs, an country songs. I don’t think I really hate anything about either, I just wish for the soundtrack we didn’t have to put pictures and as I said earlier I wish that I knew those things about how Laila felt when she got home and stuff. The whole book kind of made me sad haha. There wasn’t really a lot of happy things that happened throughout the book. Nothing really made me angry, I guess you could say that there was some anger when the Director abused Laila but I was mostly sad for her.

Overall I really loved this book and whenever I would start reading, I wouldn’t want to stop. I was  really good book and I highly recommend it!

Blog Post #6: Talking Pictures Blog

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I took the picture of the two lockers because to me that is how small I imagine the shower that they have to use. Which if that were how small my shower was, I would never want to get in because I would feel claustrophobic.

I took the picture of the dirt, because that is how Layla describes what basically everything outside looks like. If I had to see that and only that all day everyday I think I would have a mental breakdown everyday. So when she said that they got real soil to make a garden I thought that even though nothing about them being in a camp is good, but having something else to look at besides dirt and a fence is good.

I took a picture of my boyfriend Noa because that connects with David, Layla’s boyfriend who she barely gets to see but sometimes is able to sneak him in. I am lucky enough that I get to see Noa almost everyday, I do not know what I would do if I got taken away from him  for that long.

So far I really like this book and it kind of makes me think a little differently and be more grateful for what I have and am able to do everyday. I don’t really know how the author is going to wrap up the story, but I think that it will be Layla writing more and more “journals” and then all the people will get out because the people on the outside with riot and help save them. Right now the book, I think is getting to the climax where a lot of stuff is going to be happening and then it will settle down into them escaping.



Blog Post #7: Book Talk #2

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For this book talk, I read The Kite Runner but Khaled Hosseini. It is about a boy named Amir, his dad, Hassan, and Ali, their servants. Hassan and Amir are the best of friends, one day when they were kite running, Hassan got sexual abused by Assef. Amir saw the whole thing but did not saw or do anything to help. Shortly after, it became really awkward between the two of them and Hassan and his dad ended up moving. Then once things gt bad with the Taliban in Afghanistan, Hassan and Baba moved to America, where they lived the rest of their lives. Baba died shorly after Amir went to college and got married to Soraya. After Baba died, Rhahim Khan, one of Baba’s life long friends called Amir to tell him that he was dying and should come say his goodbyes. Shortly after that, Amir left to Afghanistan and Rhahim Khan basically told him that Hassan had died and his son needed “saving,” and also that Amir and Hassan were actually brothers, but they were never told that. So Amir went on a dangerous journey to find Sohrhab, once he got him he tried to kill himself in the bathtub and then never spoke again, even when he got brought back to America.

Blog Post #5: Social Justice Backround

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In Internment, Layla, a 17 year old girl, her family, and all the other Muslim’s are taken to an internment camp. This issue is not something that has happened in real life, it is set into the future on. So this issue isn’t really one that has a lot of back round information done on it or any organization that is funding this problem. This book addresses Islamophobia and how even Muslim people that were born and raised in the United States are sometimes not thought of American. I think that even though this hasn’t happened yet today to Muslim’s, Ahmed is already starting the awareness of it and because of that it is helping us to prevent it from happening in the future.

So far I really like this book and I like how the author adds in such good emotion into the book, I am not even 100 pages in and I have already cried. She brings the story to life even though it is something that hasn’t even happened yet it feels real. I have never read another social justice book so I don’t really have any other book to compare it to.

Blog Post #5: Steelheart Final Post

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  • What do you think we’re left understanding about villains and heroes from the novel?  Do humans have a real role in hero stories or do we need superhuman skills to be a hero? I think that we are left understanding that who certain heroes are on the outside doesn’t always show how they really are. Look at Megan, she pretended to be a Reckoner, (the heroes in the story) and ended up actually being an Epic and working for Steelheart. I don’ think to be a hero you have to have superhuman skills, because most of the Reckoners are human and they can still do good and consider themselves heroes.
  • What did you like about the novel and what did you wish you knew more about or that Sanderson had written more about? I didn’t really like this book because I am not really into superhero type stories, but I really like how Sanderson used italicized words to show David’s thoughts and that throughout the book he continued to use the bad metaphors, that usually made me laugh. I wish that he would’ve written more about Megan and how she felt about David. I also wish that Sanderson told more of all of the back rounds to Steelheart and the Reckoners.
  • Finally, share what you and your partner are going to do for your podcast.  What themes are you focusing on and why were these so important? What me and JJ are going to do for our podcast is we ill be talking about how certain power affected other people in throughout the book. I think that this is really important because there are so factors of people faking who they are throughout the book and then when they finally show the people who they really are and use their powers, they are completely different people, for better or also for worse.

Blog Post #4- Series Planning

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I will either read The Red Rising by Pierce Brown because Mrs. Miller told me that they are really good. Or the other two stand still books, The Kite Runner and Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini because I have read A Thousand Splendid Suns and really liked it.

I am planning on starting after finishing Steelheart.  For Red Rising, I will try to finish the first book in less than a month. I will read a certain amount of pages each day to finish the first book before March 18th. And then finish the second one by April 18th and the third by May 18th. 

For the other two stand stills by Khaled Hosseini, I will again start reading it when we finish Steelheart (so that I am not overwhelmed by Steelheart and AP Lang books.) And then I will finish the second book by March 18th and the third and final one by April 18th. 


Blog #3: Bookish Things That Bring Me Comfort

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The only ones me and him really had in common was reading with a candle lit beside you and just being able to sit in silence reading with it raining outside. Books that make me feel comfort is when something not good is happening and then they find a resolution that doesn’t involve endangering anyone/anything. The book that has pulled me in the most was probably A Thousand Splendid suns just because I got so emotionally attached that when just small sad things happened I would start to cry even though it wasn’t something big.

My perfect bookish day would be on a winter day when all of my family is gone and I can take a hot bath with a bath bomb and my book in front of me while the only lights on are a candle lit and red LED lights. Then once I am out, preferably at night, put on my favorite sweatshirt and shorts then hop into bed, feeling my soft shaven legs hit my soft cozy blankets and finish the book that I was reading while my favorite candle burns its final time.

Blog #3 Book Talk

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My name is Ally Dahl and I am going to book talk A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. This book is about two girls, Mariam and Laila, it switches off back and forth from each of their lives and them growing up. They both end up marrying an abusive husband named Rasheed and the book is about that and the back round of Afghanistan mixed in. I would recommend this book to people who like some romance with some adventure and history also added in.

Blog #2: Steelheart´s Backstory

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When Steelheart was about 14 years old, he and his dad went to watch a play. They were very poor his whole life, so going to this play was a special thing. When the play was over, Steelheart loved it and said to his dad ¨Dad! Can we come again next week? I want to become an actor and be in plays like these guys!¨

Steelheart´s dad, Silverheart replied with ¨I´m sorry son, but we don´t have the money. And besides you couldn´t act like that even if you tried to.¨

Steelheart was broken. After that night he and his dad never had the relationship that they had before. About two months after that night, Silverheart was broken and missed his son and all the things they would do together, so he went into town and got tickets to see a play to make it up to Steelheart. When they got there, Steelheart wanted nothing to do with it. He was stubborn but ended up having a couple good laughs with his dad. As they were walking out, Steelheart said that one day he wasn´t just going to be in the play but he was going to own a theater.

This time, Silverheart didn´t say anything to discourage his son, because it was the first time they had talked in two months. So he replied with ¨Okay son, but make sure I work in the concession stand.”

They giggled and were walking back home when suddenly the first Epic on earth, Distoyable,  starting blasting lasers out of his hands and eyes. Destroying everything in sight. Silverheart and Steelheart starting running towards any shelter they could find. They turned down a corner but he followed them. Silverheart yelled ¨Don´t hurt my son, he is going to end up being a hero.¨

Distroyable did not care, because why should he? He was the first Epic to be on this earth. He then shot lasers out of his eyes and hands all pointing at Silverheart. Silverheart saw this and quickly threw Steelheart out of the sight of Distroyable.

Silverheart then died. Steelheart let out a scream so big that he then felt the urge to kill. He wanted revenge, not matter what he had to do for it. After that night, he trained everyday to get stronger, not knowing that he too was an Epic now. The force of Distroyables laser hit so hard on the ground that a spark of power went into Steelheart creating the next Epic to be.

Post #1: Introduction

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Hello, my name is Ally Dahl. I haven been a big reader until this year, AP Language has really pushed me to read a lot and become more interested in books and becoming a bigger and better reader. I first learned to read when I was little, probably the same time everyone else started. When I was younger, my favorite book was Bridge to Terabithia, I don know why I liked it so much, but I think it was because it had more detail than the movie did and I thought that was interesting that the two were based on the same thing but also so different. When I read I liked to do it usually in my bed, with no distractions, including no phone and no other people in the room. When I read, I only like to read one book at a time so that I can really put my focus all on one and my mind is not trying to think of two or more different stories. My favorite books to read are probably romance or historical books.

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