Blog #2: Steelheart´s Backstory

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When Steelheart was about 14 years old, he and his dad went to watch a play. They were very poor his whole life, so going to this play was a special thing. When the play was over, Steelheart loved it and said to his dad ¨Dad! Can we come again next week? I want to become an actor and be in plays like these guys!¨

Steelheart´s dad, Silverheart replied with ¨I´m sorry son, but we don´t have the money. And besides you couldn´t act like that even if you tried to.¨

Steelheart was broken. After that night he and his dad never had the relationship that they had before. About two months after that night, Silverheart was broken and missed his son and all the things they would do together, so he went into town and got tickets to see a play to make it up to Steelheart. When they got there, Steelheart wanted nothing to do with it. He was stubborn but ended up having a couple good laughs with his dad. As they were walking out, Steelheart said that one day he wasn´t just going to be in the play but he was going to own a theater.

This time, Silverheart didn´t say anything to discourage his son, because it was the first time they had talked in two months. So he replied with ¨Okay son, but make sure I work in the concession stand.”

They giggled and were walking back home when suddenly the first Epic on earth, Distoyable,  starting blasting lasers out of his hands and eyes. Destroying everything in sight. Silverheart and Steelheart starting running towards any shelter they could find. They turned down a corner but he followed them. Silverheart yelled ¨Don´t hurt my son, he is going to end up being a hero.¨

Distroyable did not care, because why should he? He was the first Epic to be on this earth. He then shot lasers out of his eyes and hands all pointing at Silverheart. Silverheart saw this and quickly threw Steelheart out of the sight of Distroyable.

Silverheart then died. Steelheart let out a scream so big that he then felt the urge to kill. He wanted revenge, not matter what he had to do for it. After that night, he trained everyday to get stronger, not knowing that he too was an Epic now. The force of Distroyables laser hit so hard on the ground that a spark of power went into Steelheart creating the next Epic to be.

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