Blog #3: Bookish Things That Bring Me Comfort

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The only ones me and him really had in common was reading with a candle lit beside you and just being able to sit in silence reading with it raining outside. Books that make me feel comfort is when something not good is happening and then they find a resolution that doesn’t involve endangering anyone/anything. The book that has pulled me in the most was probably A Thousand Splendid suns just because I got so emotionally attached that when just small sad things happened I would start to cry even though it wasn’t something big.

My perfect bookish day would be on a winter day when all of my family is gone and I can take a hot bath with a bath bomb and my book in front of me while the only lights on are a candle lit and red LED lights. Then once I am out, preferably at night, put on my favorite sweatshirt and shorts then hop into bed, feeling my soft shaven legs hit my soft cozy blankets and finish the book that I was reading while my favorite candle burns its final time.

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