Blog Post #5: Social Justice Backround

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In Internment, Layla, a 17 year old girl, her family, and all the other Muslim’s are taken to an internment camp. This issue is not something that has happened in real life, it is set into the future on. So this issue isn’t really one that has a lot of back round information done on it or any organization that is funding this problem. This book addresses Islamophobia and how even Muslim people that were born and raised in the United States are sometimes not thought of American. I think that even though this hasn’t happened yet today to Muslim’s, Ahmed is already starting the awareness of it and because of that it is helping us to prevent it from happening in the future.

So far I really like this book and I like how the author adds in such good emotion into the book, I am not even 100 pages in and I have already cried. She brings the story to life even though it is something that hasn’t even happened yet it feels real. I have never read another social justice book so I don’t really have any other book to compare it to.

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