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A couple song that I knew I needed in my soundtrack for this project were, Five More Minutes by Scott McCeery, I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller, and I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. I loved everything about my book except for I wish I knew hat Laila felt like when she finally got home and if the Director went to jail. I also think that my soundtrack is really good and I really like it because there is not only one genre of music thrown into it, it kind of has a lot of different types of music, like sad songs, happy and uplifting ones, pop songs, an country songs. I don’t think I really hate anything about either, I just wish for the soundtrack we didn’t have to put pictures and as I said earlier I wish that I knew those things about how Laila felt when she got home and stuff. The whole book kind of made me sad haha. There wasn’t really a lot of happy things that happened throughout the book. Nothing really made me angry, I guess you could say that there was some anger when the Director abused Laila but I was mostly sad for her.

Overall I really loved this book and whenever I would start reading, I wouldn’t want to stop. I was  really good book and I highly recommend it!

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