One day me and my sister were doing a cooking Challenge, and all of the sudden we both started Shrinking! We had no idea what to do,We were only 6 in tall. We tried climbing up on a chair.That did not work. Then we tried screaming for help. But we were so tiny that no one could hear us. . Then my mom came in the room and was like “where did the girls go? I was supposed to take them to dance “.My mom looked all around for us she couldn’t find us then looked on the floor and there we were 6 in tall sitting there looking up at her she asked “what happened to you guys ” ? we said “we were doing a cooking Challenge and all of the sudden he started shrinking. “Then my mom took us to the doctors and they gave us some shots that made us get bigger and soon we were normal size again.

A Ordinary Day

A few days ago it was an ordinary day and then all the sudden the ordinary box came to my doorstep. I had no idea what was inside.But when I opened it there was Paint. But when I saw all the paid out there was a note that said you better paint something really really good in 10 minutes or else I get to keep your house. I was freaking out. But then I saw something else at the bottom of the box. It was a black paper with numbers on it. I realized I was not doing art. I was making a picture out of math facts. But I still was wondering who sent the note. But I did not have time to stop and think so I got started right away. Then I finally finished and then the doorbell rang. I was so excited to find out who sent the box I opened the door..  It was my sister. That was all about the ordinary box that came.



What is your favorite thing to do on Quarantine?

Timpanogos Cave

In  Timpanogos Cave there are three zones. The first zone is the Entrance Zone. The second zone is Twilight Zone. In the last zone is the Dark Zone. The animals in the Entry zone are bats and rats. In the Twilight Zone they have spiders and centipedes.  In the Dark Zone there are crabs and fish.

If I could change 3 things about the world.

If I could change 3 things about the world I would make corona virus be over. I would also have every one be nice. last, The world would be peaceful. If you could change 3 things about the world what would yo change?

A Book That I Love

I like so many books but, there are some books that I love. They are Grace, Blair , And any other American Girl doll book.


There are so many pets in the world but in my Opinion dogs are the best pets. I think dogs are the best pets because they are really good friends. If you are an only child. Dogs also keep you healthy and if you have a dog it is most likely you will not get sick. Last doges give you good exercise. 


First, dogs are good friends because, when you get home from school and you have nothing to do, your dog will play with you. Dogs will also play fetch, chase, and doges will also play and tackle. You  train your dog and cats do not need to be trained.When you train your dog you spend a lot of time with them. They are super fluffy so you can sleep on them if your pillow is not comfy. Dogs are super smart and if there is an intruder the doges will start barking super loudly. 


     Dogs keep you more healthy because you have to take them on walks at least every day of the week. When you take them on a walk you are getting exercise.  When you have a dog it is easier to exercise.


That is why dogs are really good friends, and why dogs keep you healthy. That is why I love doges.

What I am grateful for

I am grateful for my house, my family, and my sister. I am also grateful for my toys, bed, clothes, and food. What are you grateful for?

Things to do on Quarantine

Quarantine is so boring, there are some things to do when you’re bored of quarantine.

 Jump on the Tramp


 Play Lego’s  

 go on walks  

 ride bikes

 play outside

art hub for kids 


clean out your closet 

Make a fort

Do a easter egg hunt

Play a card game

Go swimming

Bake cookies

Do a craft

Scavenger hunt

Do a spa

Prank people

Chalk on the block

What would you do doing quarantine? 



A Quote That Inspires me.

One of my favorite quotes that  inspires me is,”Do it big, do it right and do it with style.” Fred Astaire

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