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My favorite Crats for Holiday.

My first craft is a holiday cont down. Fore this you need ten boxes orfive. I think 5 boxes are eser. If you do five boxes you could deckerate a box or get a box that is arety decareted. You need to cut the boxesin hafe and then put the lide on. Tell me how it went. And if you did 10 boxes then you just pop stuf in the boxes. This is a ten day cont down for any holiday!

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Emoji Quiz

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What is Your Favorite Food

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Music Quiz

My favorite type of Music is Country Pop. My favorite artist is Taylor Swift. If you have a favorite  type tell me what it is.

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Realistic Ficton Story:  Lexi is not Afraid Anymore.


 ‘’Brainyyack brainyyack Lexi is a brainyyack’’.  That made her think that she should move schools or to a different part of Utah. “Brainyyack,” the  class called again.. Then Miss.Smith said “stop, Lexi is so sweet, and so smart. She is my favorite student. Lexi ran out of her classroom crying.Her Mom came, and picked her up from school early. “ they called me a brainyyack in school again .Lexi said. “Honey it is all right. You still have to go to school tomorrow”. Said her Mom. “ I do not want to go to school “.said Lexi. She was so said that she would not say any more, so when she got home she ran  

Up stars and went right to bed, so she would forget about it.


  So, at school the next day she sat in the back of the girls room so knowone will notice her. Then during recess she saw a little girl having a party at the park, then she got an idea. She decided she was going to have a party. Then the bell rang. Then on her way home from school she went in to the party store and got some supplies for the party. She got a pinata, bouncy house, pool toys and a really cool pool slide. So when she got home she told her Mom about the idea she had. She started to make the invitations for the party. The notes had little animals all over the envelope and the party was tomaro that was what it said on the invitations.  This is what it said, please com to Lexies party it starts at 3:00 pm and ends at 11:00 am make sure you bring a swimsuit it is a girl party only and you get to come to a movie theater you are not aloud to bring presents because we will give you some presents. So she passed them out to a lot of girls. She had a really big party. it was her first party ever. Then she felt super happy. Everyone loved it and so did she, it was the best party ever.


 So, the party was so good. She had a lot of friends now. She was now popler. So, she had so many girls to sit with at school and at lunch. A few months later  some boy called her a brainy ack, then she was not popular anymore. Then a new kid was in there girls so she that she will finally have a friend at school. But she was wrong, she did not make any new friends. So she talked to her Mom, and she was going to get home schooled so the class tried to make her come back, but nothing worked. On her last day she sat in the back of the class room so know one will notes her at all. She did not talk to anyone for the whole day, so she know that she was going to be fine doing home school, and knowone will make fun of her. So she had now problem going to not have any one in her class at her house. She asked her mom what they where going to do at home school, so she could be ready for it. And she was going to be ahead of her class at school, even know she is ahead ahead of them.She tried it out for one day, and she loved it so she definitely wanted to do home schooling at made some new girls at school .  so they agreed and where now best friends, and so she was happy, and she has a lot of parties and she was the nicest kid in school,so she had a real friend so she was

 NEVER EVER lonely again. So the lesson of the story is never quit so you can learn from that .

her house. 


Then, someone came up to her and said that he was sorry that he made fun of her, she said ̈it is arite i will come back to school as long as you are my   friend can you get me more friends at school, so i will not be lonely.” siad Lexi ̈so ̈he said deal, ̈so¨. Now she had some friends, and she also. 

                             The End

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What we do on Halloween!

On Halloween when we come to school we do class meeting then we do Halloween songs, we do a parade arond the school, then we do a read carpit and a Halloween activity and then go to lunch and read. Then we film class News and a Halloween Nearpod. And then we do recess and a party. then at 3:30 we go home. that si all we do on Halloween. Tell me what you do at school on Halloween.



When you play prodigy you battle a bunch of people.  If you go to his one place in te village it has a gard at it and you battle people for cond,close,boots, and wands. you can get spechal awards if you win a battle. there are much more things but you will have to figer them ought your self. if you play prodigy tell me if you fond somthing that i did not tell yoou abought.

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My Favorite Animals

These are some of my favorite animals in the world. They are River dolphins,Turtles, and last is a  hamerhead shark. what is your favorit animal or animals.

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My Favorite Books

If you do not know what book to read then here is a bunch of new books. Here are some of them. Amulet,Sisters,Blaire,Drama,The Spiderwick Chronicles,Bone, and Land of Stories.

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Gess the Sentnce

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