My story

“Do I have to go to school?” I asked “YES!” said my mom and dad in perfect unison. I was really nervous to go to a new school. “Come on you’ll make new friends” said my mom. Ruff ruff ruff, “Mazy!” Yelled my mom. Mazy came to school with me she was my service dog. “Bye” I said to mom and dad and headed to the bus.


I went to the back of the bus and I let Mazy out of my backpack. The group of boys that also sat  at the back of the bus started whispering about Mazy and her service vest. It said ‘service dog needed at all times.’  I got off the bus. Mazy got out very quietly so I wouldn’t hear her and she ran home. 


About three minutes passed in class and I broke down. So I reached in my basket for Mazy but felt nothing, my face went pale. I screamed! “Grace be quiet” said my Teacher “other people are trying to take a test”. Then she saw my face… And then nothing.


 Everything was really blurry but I could hear fine. I heard some beeping of 

machines, I was on something soft. I think it was a bed. Everything got clear fast.  “You were out for about a day.” Said my mom, “a day!!!!!” I said, “where’s Mazy?” “She’s right there” said a girl that I did not know. “Hi” said the girl, I’m your neighbor.  “My name is Magen”. “I’m Grace,” I said. “I know that.” said Magen. “I didn’t know you knew my name.” I said. “Your mom told me.” she said. “Oh, are you assigned to me?” I asked. Our teacher assigned people to someone when they were new.  “No”, she said “But I am your partner in science.”  


A few days later we were at Magens house, “And that should do it”  said Magen. We had just barely finished our science product. A homemade safety backpack.   

We were listening to music like ‘I saw the sign’, Billy Joel and Summer of 69. We won last place.  It was not a great product. My mom suggested that I do home school since I was uncomfortable being the new person. So I decided that’s what I would do. But I still visit when they go on a field trip. And Magen, well she is still fun to be with.  


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