Steelheart backstory

Paul quickly turned the corner into his bedroom slamming and locking the door before his father had a chance to stop him. He and his dad were fighting again, it was really more of his dad fighting him than anything. Since his mother died 5 years ago his dad had been filled with animosity and anything Paul did set him off. Before the accident Paul had lived a damn good life. His mom and dad truly loved each other and him, he was even a little spoiled since he was their only child. Paul would help his dad put little model cars together whenever he could, it was like their thing. Paul and his father have not had any good memories since the accident with his mom, it had started to affect his school life too. He just felt angry all the time it was like a consistent rage that followed him everywhere.  At home he couldn’t do anything about his dad but at school is when he got all his feelings out. He was the school bully, he didn’t care who you are or what you were doing if you caught his attention in any way it was over for you.

That behavioral issue followed him into adulthood.