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I did a Legend/Myth.

Throughout the article it talks about goddess Durga, she is a goddess who protects the earth and the hindu culture. She is one who is a destroyer of all evil and that shes one who can also be nurturing and kind like a mother. She is known to have 8 arms to be ready to battle at any moment. they each have a weapon in each arm.

  • The conch shell
  • The bow and arrows 
  • The thunderbolt 
  • The lotus 
  • The Sudarshan-Chakra or beautiful discus
  • The sword 
    • The trident or Trishul 

Many of these weapons are used for specific uses and are only to be held by durga herself. Durga like many other gods and godesses can take many forms, 9 to be exact and they each have a name. Among her many avatars are Kali, Bhagvati, Bhavani, Ambika, Lalita, Gauri, Kandalini, Java, and Rajeswari.

Yes and no to the imagery, it explains that durga is a beautiful indian woman she has golden brown skin, long sleek legs, and silky long black hair. She is known to be one of the prettiest hindu goddesses known.

They used a lot of good wording in this article, it is very organized and put together very well.

The theme of this piece is Goddess durga herself and how she is so important to the hindu religion.

It says a lot about my country, it shows how beautiful woman can be and how well they cherrish their lands and nature.

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