Heros don’t have to have superpowers to be heroes. What they need is a good cause that they believe in and will improve the lives of others. David didn’t have any superpowers, and yet he ended up being the one to save everyone. He had his own set of skills and a cause that he was willing to die for and that’s what made him a hero. Being a good person that is willing to fight for something good is what made him a hero.

I really like the writing in this novel. This particular style is one that I have always loved. I thought that Sanderson did a good job of misleading us which made all of the twists all the more exciting. I wish that I could have learned more about all of the main characters individually and why they joined the reckoners.

For my podcast, I will be discussing the weaknesses of people and how everyone has them even when it looks like they don’t. Much like how they didn’t know what Steelheart’s weakness was or if he even had one. This was an important part of the book because if epics didn’t have weaknesses, there wouldn’t be any hope. Those weaknesses, while a source of fear for the epics was the only source of hope for the people under their rule. Without weakness, the reckoners wouldn’t have a chance to display their own strengths.